Apple Iphone: How to power off or do power hard reset

Here’s a quick video on how to power off your iphone or do a power hard reset on the iphone.

The demo is made on iphone4.

This method works on different versions of iphone.

This takes only 2-3 minutes to do.

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J-naut Gaming says:

THANK YOU SOOO Much I had just washed my iPhone in the washing machine and
had tried everything and then watched your vid and then it worked

pritesh dobariya says:

thaank u so much

Quu-Mods lobbys says:

thnx help so much

Dontra Thompson says:

thank you i love you man lol


Thx a lot man this helped so much 

Sai Swaroop says:

thankx a lot luv u this is my best video easy it hellped me a lot

Thee Ace says:

thank you so much

Devi says:

big thanks :)

BRICEN18 says:

thank you !! My screen was not working all fixed now.

Logic says:

I get stuck on iPhone logo

zestydude87 says:

thanks bro

Olivia C says:

thank you so much!!!! you are a life saver!!!!

netman88 says:

Thanks for the feedback.

netman88 says:

Talk to Apple store. They will reset it if you can prove ownership

Khan Guleena says:

thank you so much

Willie Peck says:

THANKS!!! My phone did that and I hopped on my MacBook and followed those
steps and now my phone works.

Rubens Diniz says:

Thanks bro! incredibly easy to understand and incredibly helpful! o/

Erdenee Top says:

very busy

Ebony Starks says:

what if u dont know yo password

Dr Firdaus Hanapiah says:

Thank you Netman88 this was very helpful. I thought I had to go to the
repairman for this! Wonderful help!

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