Factory Hard Reset for iPhone 5, 5S, 5C

This video shows you how to hard reset your phone removing everything including the password. This is a useful trick if you have been locked out. It’s also super useful for anyone who just wants to restore their phone back to the way it was when they first got it.

Apple devices are great but compared with Android or Windows they’re very closed down. When something goes wrong, it can be hard to fix the problem as a result. SO use this trick and quickly reset your device.

Note: does not remove Apple ID.

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SweMan574 says:

Please help I keep getting error 9006!

Diyar Sahpaz says:

Need help i tryed jailbeak and guess what it work for 1 second then it
deleted all my files such as safiri appstore even settings and basicly
everything! :C Help Please

traderjoes says:

Thank you! I was going bananas!

ZzEpicdudeZz says:

I need help pls help!

Manny Ribera says:

So do I need the 4 digit passcode for this or does it automatically skip
and reset?

Sc00tinal00ng says:

Since i have just bought a second hand iphone, it states that the iphone is
connected to an account. I dont have any contact to the previous owner and
i tried this method but it still doesnt restore the icloud and all, what
should i do?

Don jose says:

holy shit dude thank you so much !! subscribed and liked

Tawiah Alima Agovi says:

when i do exactly that, it states that iphone could not be restored. an
unknown error occured.(14) what do i do?

Sc00tinal00ng says:

hi , everytime i try to restore my iphone it keeps saying that an error
occured and then it’ll just keep turning off and then the itunes plug in
picture keeps showing up. Im not sure what to do? . please help !!!

Eternal Krutsch says:

i buyed a iphone 5s but as i know now the guy i buyed it from stole it and
its bloket (banned) will this solve my problem or not? :/ 

Naason Shettlewood says:

Hey i found a iphone 5s would this work as well?

Jim wates says:

a window appears on iTunes saying waiting for response from iPhone or
something like that. So I can’t get it passed the disabled connect to
iTunes window.. I have the 5s.

Noah Castaneda says:

So I’m about to buy and second hand iPhone 5 from my friend, what’s all the
steps in order to use it.

Renee Roberts says:

it says 3 hours do i wait or did i mess up

CHRISLOCS831 says:

does this reset erased the company 

athena m says:

working great so far but my iPhone5s is showing a Red iTunes icon on the
phone not blue…

EnternalGaming says:

I found a iPhone and it has a pass code is there any way I can reset the
iPhone but when I concept the iPhone it says it cannot read too iTunes or
something like that but yea please contact me ASAP I have it I’m gonna sell
it but I need too reset it first and it has a password 

URN Andre says:

This reboot and erase everything? 

Naomi Mekwuye says:

Is It Supposed To Turn On After A While ?

Stylie says:

I have an Apple-ID account on this phone and to activate the phone I need
the e-mail & password, but I’ve forgot them both. If I do this, will I be
able to bypass the activation thing without entering my email and password?

Salvatore Traversone says:

the reason I’m using this is because i forgot my pasword, but when I’m half
through it says that i need to enter the iPhones password

ricardo menchaca says:

When my iphone is restoring and updating it turns on 15 minutes later but
its still disabled but it still updating is this suppose to happen do i let
it update then restore or did i do something wrong? Plz help

Marky1888 says:

Would this correct network settings as Vodafone fucked half the UK up my
phone was 1 it keeps searching then no service tried 3 sims maybe throw it
at the wall Iphone 5 

rusty jellybean says:

I forgot my pass will this bipass it so I can reset it

Ashli Shaw says:

I bought an iphone 5 from someone and they never reset it so im locked out
because its asking for their icloud.. is there a way to get around that?

Timmy Martins says:

My icloud box comes up red not blue?

Jade Smith says:

Exellent thank you 

Carlos Vega says:

I bought an iPhone and when I try to set it up its says to log into the
apple id used to setup the iphone will this method work to restart it 

HackerMoDz KiLz says:

I forgot the password for my iPhone 5s and there’s no finger print , how do
I get into my phone ? 

Shayla queen says:

Idk my itunes email or password since I use so many different emails and I
got locked out of my 5c will this method still work?

MrMod24 says:

Thank You It worked

Jeffrey Bonilla says:

Great job dude really helped out!

Gustavo Soriano says:

thank you!

Kristina Harrison says:

Thank you this is the only video that actually worked!!!

Silva Alexia says:

thank you it helped me a lot

KrYpTeK ZeV says:

is it only for me or does the process keep on repeating ?

TFtusave says:

does not work on iphone 5s

Latoya Rand says:

love it worked tmobile couldn’t give me correct directions

Jose Diaz says:

Thank you !!!


what if my power button does not work? pls help

Juan Ramirez says:

my phone wont do anything its stuck itunes plug in. but my itunes logo is
red not blue like i see everyone else .also im trying restore and when its
almost done it gets about half way and it says an error has occurred the
error code is 1

zisisgraffiti sark says:

Thank a lot it helped me….thanks again

yaritza bojorquez says:

Thanks this video helped me. :)

christian villeda says:

thanks that help #greatful

vickyvicks0 says:

I need for the APPLEID and the ICLOUD passwords to be reseted cause I
changed them and now I cant fucking logout of them! HELP ME!

TheCool123281 says:

Can you take over another iphone with your iCloud account?

Yazmin Juarez says:

I can’t do it! I’m having a hard time figuring out! Help! 

Kevin BMB says:

i try it i dont work when i plug it on my laptop and do what u say it just
take 20 sec with the itunes screen and turn off. help me

Omar Last says:

What if I bought a phone in lost mode and this doesn’t work how do I unlock

Busy Bee Apiaries says:

What if You have forgotten the id pass-code and no longer have the email
account it was connected to ?

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