Hard Reset Your iPhone 4

Hard resetting an iPhone 4 is very easy and this video will talk you through the process.

All you need to do is to press two buttons at once and hold – the power button up the top and the round home button on the front. The video demonstrates how to do this most effectively and you’ll find that it takes only seconds to reset your phone.

Do note that when you reset your phone you will lose ALL your data. Please make sure you have backed everything up first and that you are happy to lose anything left.

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Jordan Craft says:

Hey I have AT&T if I do this will I keep my 3G and also will this get rid
of cydia please answer soon !!! I need to fix my phone lol

Eagle Owl says:

I have a Question. I am trying to Hard Rest it but i put it in Recovery
Mode Restore it but after 20 mins it comes back with passcode and that
Stuff. It Did not work. Can you please Help

Firebob1216 says:

Hi I had my phone in recovery mode before this vid but when I try to
restore the iPhone it fails to restore and takes me back to the connect to
iTunes pic I don’t know what to do so can you please help

lee bat says:

Does the account for iTunes have to be the same

Chad Morgan says:

must the phone be connected to your computer already?

ZilothGamer says:

is itunes on ur computer a must or? it dosent pop up anything on my screen

Tatiana Usoff says:

I have jailbreaked my phone have decided to reset it to factory settings so
i did but now there is only a few apps on my screen and my settings button
is gone please helP!

Justin Reyna says:

Thanks so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

rafhe marsh says:


Robert Hubbell says:

If your iphone is running ios 7 can you reset it to ios 5 or 6?

ParanormalPanda says:

My iPhone 4 is disabled and it says connect to iTunes, I have never synced
it with my pc and th8s method doesn’t work any tips, please help! 

kelly escobar says:

That help me a lot so far thanks

Angelcore says:

I did the last update and my iphone dont open anymore it only stay at the
round whit itune in..

LoveeNari says:

it says itunes and it connected to my laptop but nothings happening

Sc00tinal00ng says:

+Monique Wright. Make sure you have the latest version of iTunes uploaded. 

BarNone Loc says:

it didn’t work 4 me 🙁 I think I did sumn wrong

Jordan Herbst says:

Does iTunes have to be installed?

manuel torres says:


Jackie Ng says:


Summer Fallen says:

my itunes is updated but mine still says error 21 

dave mark alejandro says:

thsnk you i was crying becaouse my iphone crash but thank you

jacob darcy says:

So if it says error that means I have to update iTunes?

raginjustin13 says:

Would it work for jailbroken

Belchuke FUG says:

How can i removed the Apple ID. i have broken my old phone and a friend of
mine gave me his old but it needs a apple ide that dont work. What to do.

Dolphin Bo1 Only says:

I just got a iphone but when I had reset it, it said I had to activate my
iphone with the soundcloud it was used to set it up but the person doesnt
know the email or the password or have the soundcloud. Does anyone know how
I can bypass that?

Dustin F says:

Do I lose my phone number if I reset?

Liz beauty101 says:

I doesn’t work because my computer is so slow I wish you could come to my
house and help me lol

Jowmein says:

What if you do hold it but it still puts you into the lock screen?

Pappy Jones says:

Does this still work

Brian Griffin says:

I’m getting error 2 after 3 quarters of installing ;(

_ muffe55 _ says:


Jude Rebec-Hewitt says:

nooooooo i did this and forgot apple id and i can’t make new one HELP

TH3_CR33P3R 6969 says:

Thank you i forgot the password so this helped i have an iphone 3gs and it
still worked

Michael Cipolletti says:

thanks! only helpful tutorial i found

Marvin Allen says:

purchase iphone from a so called associate and when i tried to set up an
itunes account was informed that the iphone was reported stolen how do i go
about restoring phone or getting my money worth.Now the buzz killer is that
the socalled associate is no where to be found

Carron Johnson says:

My iphone power button is jammed . So how else can I do it?

Kusal Jayawardhana says:

At the framework reset moment it shows error 29 & phone stuck . Can you
please help me?

Diego Castelan says:

You need to use the original cable from the phone. It did work for me.
Thank you so much. 

Ben Thomas says:

It doesn’t work for me….

Tipu Dj says:

thanks man

Omar Sandhu says:

Whenever it is half way done it will say there’s an error or something

Price A says:

what if it only goes to the apple screen

Akeem Anderson says:

does the apple id reset as well ?

Todd Greco says:

Thank you very much this saved my phone. 

Vasion Gaming says:


Bonnie Luciano says:

this did not work for me … my itunes is not asking me questions

vertiska kavau says:

how do you do this when the apple id shows up. i forgot password??

Jandres Ric says:

thanks for this little tutorial, it helped me quite a bit.

Kimicament says:


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