How to Hard Reset Your iPhone

This quick tutorial will talk you through how to hard reset your iOS device. This will work on any Apple device (except maybe Apple watch) and will put you back to factory settings right away.

Why might you want to factory reset your phone?

There are plenty of reasons but common ones include: selling the phone on, trying to fix a phone that has crashed, giving a phone to a friend or getting through a password lock. Factory resetting can also be a great way to get your phone running the same as it did when you first bought it – if you find it’s slowing down gradually over time, then doing a hard reset will help you to experience it as new again!

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Susie Gardner says:

Great method bro but the easiest way ever is:
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Greg Shipley says:

piece of uselessness…

LPS starlight says:

What is the song in the intro

mw3051 says:

if you put down the crack pipe maybe you could make a video that was useful
to someone.

13 seconds of bullshit intro for a 2 minute video that itself is useless.


Snipe5000SnipeKent says:

Thank you my iPod keeps not working its screen is turning off by itself and
not turning on unless i reset it i cant access my ipod when it does that
but you solved it a lot ive been coming back to this video when i forget i
sub and like.

mckai white says:

Thats not how u reset it u didn’t even show howbto do it df

Peirce OG says:


Lj Reed says:

how is this useful??

Canal Duk says:


Jay Coleman says:

I Really Need Help, I cant access my iphone. it will not let me slide
across to allow me to put my password in, :(. Can Anyone Help Me Please…

dominique desforges says:
Raven Giovanni says:

Thanks so much! I hope that everybody that reads this comment before making
your own video similar to this knows that your teaching people to steal
your phone. My iPhone 4S was stolen today and I’m watching as this person
is looking up how to reset my phone! I’m a Type 1 Diabetic and my LIFE
depends on that device!!! You have just killed me. Not socially, not
mentally, but knowledgeably. Everything I needed to know about my MEDICAL
CONDITION was on that device and my way to reach my emergency contacts in
case something happens and you just told them how to erase it. Luckily, my
Mother is buying me a new one as the person who stole it, also learned how
to turn the GPS off!!! So, I need to go to sleep for school in the morning,
stressed that I won’t have my essential contact ability. Thank you, one
more time.

Corey Page says:

Soft resent man soft reset

Remon Wagdy says:

can i use this to unjailbreak my iphone

Aaron Ferebee says:

If its locked and u do all the things he said would u still need a password
to put in

Munif Mustabi says:

now my i phone is recovery mood,,, SO WHAT I DO ?

Veno DosSantos says:

This is Idiotic… This is NOT a RESET on ANY Apple devices…
Did you notice all his apps were intact?

JET FPC says:


Daniel Ochoa says:

Dude you have to keep holding the two buttons down until it turns on again
by itself 

Asmir Alić says:

Good job man (Y)

Montreill Lawhorn says:

It dont work

Ruby Chapman says:

My phone got stuck during a settings upgrade for over 6 hours. I did this
and it worked wonderfully. Thank you so much…..

david van den brande says:

please let me see a HARD RESET tis is a SOFT RECET

jordan green says:

do this help if your about to activate an iphone ? anyone …

AshleyN1993 says:

wat if my home button doesnt work?

Joydawn Roberts says:

Whats the song called

Alonzo Valerie says:


Jackson336 says:

Thank you. Worked like a charm.

Latasha Askew says:

Wat is that song called at the beginning

husain junach says:

thanks u so much i solve out my iPhone hanging problem

anthony rodriguez says:

It doesn’t work


If you have ios 7 dose it goes back to ios 6

Gang Li says:

My iphone 5 became non responsive with a black/blank screen. Your
procedure worked. Thank you!!

Hekzerian MLGPro says:

It’s a soft reset not a hard a hard reset is when everything is deleted a
soft reset is what you did I’m 12 and I know this

Greg Amponsa says:

This man is a GOD

iTzxscottiboilist says:

Cheers man you’re a life saver, my heart almost stopped when my phone
screen went black and nothing but Siri would work

Mykale Lay says:

That is just restarting the phone

Ed Little says:

I phone looked dead…the process in the video worked perfectly….Thanks.

Juan Molina says:

Does it work when ur phone is disabled

tileguy555 says:

hold the home & lock button for 10 sec.

ajith kumar says:

I bought an sencond hand iphone4. I tried to reset it through general
settings. It shows loading symbol rotating for 2 days and turned off. Then
I charged it and power on -ed. but it didn’t reset and get back to normal
state.I want it to reset it to factory defaults What should I do?

Edmond Allmond says:

Hard Reset of the iPhone…

Thon Colin Films says:

Hmm, I just get the slide power off screen when I hold both buttons down!?

Tyerria Hayward says:

U need a computer to reset okay

Tyrik Collins says:

Will it take the password off

Sharon Davis says:

this does work for me it did

Corey Anderson says:

um thx but i was looking on how to wipe of all aps and stuff and start

Winata Widarto says:

i mean that it delete all the file isnt??

Rene Domingo says:

thanks for the info

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