How to Hard Reset an iPhone 4, 4s, 5, 5s With Passcode

This video shows you have to hard reset an iPhone that has a password. This gives you the ability to set a phone back to its factory settings and to use it as though it were brand new – but to do so you don’t need to get through the passcode first.

This is particularly useful for users who may have forgotten their passcodes or who have purchased second hand phones. The process is simple and easy to follow, so watch and learn and you’ll be able to get your phone running as new again in no time!

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Vishal Vadwani says:

i bought my iphone 5 from some guy and if i restore to factory settings
would it ask me for his apple id

Marnik Baptist says:

i found an iphone 4s. i tried the passcode so much en now the phone is
completely blocked. what do i have to do when i wanna use the phone?
is there something what i can do ? (iphone 4s ios7) 

Chris Dennis says:

Did not even work

LaTrese Parks says:

How do you reset an Iphone 4s that needs to be activated?? Also, I don’t
have the USB or cord or anything. The only thing I have is the Iphone 4s.
What do I do?

Melanise Felix says:

How to change a icoud’s accent

Tony Szulczynski says:

When i restore my verizon iphone 4s it only makes it to the firmwear and
then says error.. it was verizon and with verizon they use sim cards but it
is also a cdma phone amd cdma phones use a meid number so the sim card only
comes into play when your roaming but i did the byop with straight talk got
my iphone activated on the meid nunber so i have no sim card in my phone
but have a sim card slot i broke my screen had to unhook my intena wire
pluged it all bsck up and my meid number os gone when i dile 611 it dont do
shit so how am i suppose to get my meid number bsck on there 

Justyce Keo says:

After it was reset went through the language and all that stuff and then it
says to put in a Apple ID that was from before 

Chakera Denae says:

What if my computer doesn’t have I tunes ? What should I do ? 

Kimberly Rodriguez says:

I bought an i phone 4s on ebay and i tried this but my iphone turns on it
can’t power off any advice??

Young Phil says:

Fantastic Man!

Joseph Barnsley says:



Eric Lugo says:

well i found an iphone 4 an it was disconected messed up screen no sim card
it only says iphone its no activated connec to itunes and when i connect
to itunes it says cannot conect to device because it has a passcode what
can i do to fix it ?

xpelon209x says:

Thanks! Worked

Jason Harden says:

Thanks so much boss! Worked like a charm :D

Untamedbeast says:


Alexis Peterson says:

U got to hav a computer

Paige Jarrett says:

Does this reset your number?

Tom says:

You’re a hero

Go Follow NEW CHANNEL says:

i did this reset and theres no icloud or password lock but now it says it
cant be activated!! wtf?? now im stuck at the startup screen it says to try
later or call apple care ( which im doing right now ) any tips??

lyssa s says:

So I have an question please answer it quick….my brother stole an iphone
but they it put it on “find my iphone” we took out the sim card so he
couldn’t track it but it steal has a passcode will this method work to take
the passcode off?

Ri Oum says:

Thank you. It works for me. With 4s

Amy Oles says:

how do you jail brake your iphone 4 cuz I am trying to do tht


you just saved my life

xxMORENO xx says:

thank you !! do much

Juan Miranda says:

will it delete all the photos ? don’t care so much abt music but don’t want
to loose photos

Nate Garner says:

i have a chrome laptop and it wont let me download itunes wat other way can
i reset it

Kkthisrules says:

It works

Clement Khamis says:

Thank you so much. You are life saver.

Jessica Gonzalez says:

Hi so I have a question my sister’s friend put his icloud account on my my
phone but he moved to mexico like 5 months ago and he never gave us the
password.. so what do I do ? I cant get in touch with him and ive tried
this and it says its liked to such account and blah blah

Bryonna's videos and more says:

Does it work

Chase LiveLife says:

thank you so much i got it

asia abney says:

how do i reset it with a different iCloud account ?

Featured Player says:

you are so freaking hawt(; 

Charlotte Fuller says:

well i tried it and it said that i needed to go on the iphone before it
could begin progress when it had a password and i forgot the passcode so i
t did not work can you tell me why that is so 

ricky loi says:

i dont have the steps that connect to the itunes and it said you must enter
your passcode before enter itunes

howaboutno says:

can you do it without itunes ? i dont want to restore it 

RockinNinja6969 says:

omg thatnk you soo fucking much ive always known how to do this but this
time i was trying and trying and watching other videos but i could never do
it you helped me out allot!!!

De Taylor says:

how do i factory reset the whole phone cause somebody i cloud account is
still logged in and i cant log it out to put mines in

bill herison says:

I have never used itunes before and i cant find the restore button in my

Will Hasbrook says:

Thanks so much buddy. New subscriber

Taylor Jones says:

Works thanks so much I forgot my pass code

Killlerturtle says:

All it did was brick my iphone.
Wont even turn on now.
Thanks for nothing.

usgalsen says:

I did it simultaneously as you explained the steps on this video. Thank

rebecca zubac says:

you saved me thank you!!

Jeremiah Walton says:

dude didnt work 

Emerald Seekers says:

where is restore?

Alegria Galvez says:

Thank you SO much! :D

Kiki Zamorano says:

Do you have an another way to do it of the power button doesn’t work?

barmhiboiproductions singh says:

just restarts

Featured Player says:

Thanks Man! Well Done!

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