How to Hard Reset and iPhone 4 or 4S (Factory Restore)

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How to hard reset or factory restore and iphone 4 or 4s

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salde carawana says:

what if i have an icloud account.,and i forgot the password would the hard
reset still work?? plss answer.,^_^

Jesse Ace says:

how can i downgrade 8.1 to 7.1.2?

David Obashe says:

am struck at icloud activation how do i bypass the activation??

Therese Go says:

Yes, then it goes back to DFU mode then saying there’s an error code 4013 

Mickisha Henry says:

thankz u so much

רז גרשון says:

my iphone not get in to dfu mode what i can do?

Benjamin Devassy says:

good tutorial Bro

khanzakhail says:

will this method also erase icloud credential?

shanid shaanznfz says:

i wat to join in re-tech 

Ghighy Franc says:


Ephraim Bigham says:

great, quick short tutorial

Young Larry says:

Yeah won’t work for me either

cael lapitan says:

the iphone` iphone` could not be restored the disk you are attempting to
use is full

removing files and emptying the recycle bin will free up additional space

please help me 🙁 idont know what to do huhuhu :”<

Joemarie Lachica says:

if im follow the instruction that i will restore my iphone the jailbreak
will not disappear ?? i mean will crushed all my friend said if i will
restore the jailbreak will disappear and need to install another jailbreak!
yes or no? reply me please!

jurttjee says:

My iPhone 5s is stuck in the IOS 8.1 update.. it starts up (apple logo)
then you see quick a blue screen, then the screen turns black and it starts
up again. This will go on endless. Put it 1000x in DFU mode but it wont
work the problem stays, Itunes dont detect my iPhone either. Somebody got
any ideas left? Please.

Hitman4703 says:


Jude Frith says:

This was extremely helpfull

luis abendano says:

tf my fone doesnt wanna turn on no more 

Francisco Coronel says:

can i still unlock a lost mode iphone 4s on IOS 7 ?

Asha Ashley says:

Thank you my it couldn’t remember my iPhone password thanks you guys are
the best

pablo Medina says:

Do u need internet on itunes to hard reset can i do it even if im not
signed in to apple or have internet

Lindsey Gatson says:

I have spent almost 1.5 hours on here trying to find a video that would
help me reset my iPhone. My hubby gave me his, but couldn’t remember his
password so I had to do this. If you’re trying to reset this is the way to
go! The hard reset where the iTunes logo and cord pop up didn’t help me at
all. It just sat there and didn’t do anything. This was awesome. Thank you

Juuso Pikkarainen says:

i have jailbreak and my phone crashed. and itunes cannot restore my iphone

Bryan Villar says:

Is there anyway to take off the icloud activation screen off?? i already
reset it like you said in the video but this activation screen is there now
and it wont let me pass it.

jrgentile11 says:


Tyler Trones says:

Yo my phone isn’t turning back on.

sasuke rasengan says:

dfu mode the d word and ****u

cheesemason says:

Oh hey Rusty!

ZaY_MoDz58 says:

thank you bro

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