How To Hard Reset Apple iPhone iOS7

Hard reset Apple iPhone iOS7 using this handy guide and you will return your iPhone iOS7 back to its original factory settings. To hard reset iPhone iOS7, simply follow our steps below or follow along with this how-to video.

What will a hard reset do to my phone? A hard reset will restore your smartphone to its basic factory settings.

It will:

* Erase all user data (contacts, music, messages, pictures, video, etc.)
* Erase all firmware settings
* Erase all applications installed by the user
* Erase the content in internal storage

Reasons why you might need to hard reset your Apple iPhone iOS7 phone?

* Reset forgotten screen lock password
* Might resolve hang-ups & freezing problems
* Might resolve slow performance of your iPhone iOS7 phone
* Might resolve unexpected Application crashes
* Wipes personal data from your phone before you sell your phone or after you buy a used one
* Regain default functionality of your iPhone iOS7

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WARNING: Make sure to backup the data on your iPhone iOS7 phone before you proceed with a hard reset – it will erase all of the data on your phone. The data on your SIM card won’t be affected.

Steps to hard reset your Apple iPhone iOS7:
1)Launch iTunes on your PC and plug in your iPhone via USB
2)Turn off the phone
3)Press and hold the POWER and HOME buttons together
4)Release the POWER button when the iPhone iOS7 logo disappears
5)Release the HOME button when iTunes detects iPhone Recovery Mode
6)Press Restore iPhone
7)Press Restore and Update
8)Next – Agree
9)Wait until the software is downloaded and extracted and the phone restored

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PlaGue - says:

Does your Idevice automatically update to the latest firmware with this

Brandon St.gerard says:

Does it work with icloud lock ?

Jubilee Smith says:

is it a must to have itunes on my pc? or in my iphone? how would I know if
I have an itune or not? I mean i dont now to install my itune,

moe ashkar says:

Is there a way to save your photos so they don’t get deleted? 

Chamilion q8 says:

omg thank you very much u got my like and sub

Aditya soni says:

my iphone is locked it is asking of activation by hard reset will it
remove the activation screen

Petros Petridenas says:


Susy Castruccio says:

This did it! If you updated to ios7 and iCloud had an incorrect Apple ID
there was no way to restore your iPhone from a backup using iTunes. 

Otik Chrikishvili says:

Can anyone help me about my problem ??? I turned on wi-fi then i go to App
store and i started download Fasebook Massanger after this my iPhone 4s got
restarted then again turned on then again restarted and its doing already
1h and more anyone can help me about this if u know anything or if this is
problem about ios i havn’t updated …

shari williams says:

This really helped. Thanks. 

Kenan Lugatiman says:

Is it required to login first to your itunes account ? 

ITsTH3ITZ BR0 says:

Omg I want to reset it..not to reset to get the lastest vision 

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