How to Hard reset iPhone 4S through recovery mode

I show how to hard reset your iphone 4s through recovery mode.
If you forgot your password this will get you in but you will loose ALL your info.
This is a last resort, it will set the phone to factory settings.
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Kira Black says:

Thanks a lot. I’m new in this device. Well explained.

dasallme dasallme says:

Thanks man it works for me 

Angel Mendez says:

Hi I have a app I want to delete but their is no x and I don’t have a
computer to restore it how do I do it

alhamza make says:

thnx man .

Bryce Henning says:

Ok so i reset the iphone 4s my friend gave me using itunes without knowing
that he still had his icloud still logged in. And now it gives me this
activation thingy n it says i need to enter a email n password. I know his
email but neither he and i know the password to it. Over the next day whle
tried multiple attempts at figuring out the password and it eventually said
we were locked out of the email. We tried doing password reset/ restore but
it didnt work. Now I’m stuck. Can someone please help me out???

Jenny Gamache says:

My itunes don’t reset my phone do u have to take things off the computer
for it to work

Rhys Hickey says:

Mine is blacklist anyway to undo that

Allan Bob says:

it helped thanks

Andres Morales says:

Yes i have de last versión, iam doit a quimikal wash on the iphone becouse
aim washed with water them i can use de iphone normally but know doit the
erro 21 im serch in google and say maybe is the battery or the plug
conecter but i dont know

i thinking tomorrow change the baterry

do you have any idea?

thak very much.

Ashraf Ahad says:

Thanks alot this helped 

Daniel Torres says:

So my 4S is disabled and the power button doesn’t work. So I have to let
the battery drain when i do this (it sucks waiting) when I finally get it
to connect to iTunes it starts to restore and then asks to trust this
computer I click yes and asks to respond on iPhone but I can’t because it’s
disabled. How can I get passed this? ?? Please help. Tnx

Elio Norat says:

Does it take out the apple id and icloud system (the find my phone ) Im
looking for a mode to delete the apple id from my iphone
Any help?

Bridgette Maldonadoerdtd says:

Yea my thing is still longing I need help like right now olz text me

Andres Morales says:

hi my iphone 4s only enter em ios when i put he to charge, can you help
me? im try to put in recovery modo and i cant doit nothing, i try to
restored in itunes but he only stay in de apple on and off


Needi Hyder says:

hey thanks for this video but i wana ask what about if i have an iphone
which is on track can we reset it by some way ?? plz answer 

josh zaragoza says:

my girlfriends phone froze and its stuck on a black screen with the apple
logo need help pls

Nell Hamell says:

My iPhone says disabled please need help do anybody no any way to get it
off I just bought it today please help 

Ivan Castro says:

thanks it helped a lot

Anghel Andronic says:

It helped! Thank you very much!

Madielovescupcakes says:

Hi on my phone it goes into emergency call when I swipe do u no what to
do?btw I just subscribed to you and liked ur video

Crazy Pear2000 says:

My iPhone 4s is stuck on tht screen where it shows the iTune logo

Andres Morales says:

sim iam doit recovery modo and dfu iam put he in itunes to install alla
again and know give me erro 21

erro 21 is te battery?

help me please.


Tyler Thomas says:

+Sc00tinal00ng its asking me to sync my iPhone with computer Then the
restore stops HLP!!

Michael Justice says:

how do you know that its in recovery mode once i connected it to itunes and
reset it by holding the power and home screen buttons

Fredrik Skjei says:

can’t reset becuse i have to little space on my memory on iphone =(

Jackie Jackson says:

What if the lock button doesnt work ?

Ivan Castro says:

already done

Christina Wentz says:

How long does it take to restore It is saying 7 hours on the top of my

Ruptshure says:

my itunes hasn’t recognized that i have an iphone plugged in… :/

Cthulhu white says:

So if I do this to a jailbroken ipad will I have to buy everything I bought
over again? Or does it save my purchases so I just have to download them

Jason Mccullum says:

Will it still have service

Daniel Anguiano says:

Found an iPhone but it has service how can I erase that

banghitt says:

its work

Madielovescupcakes says:

And it says conect to iTunes

randomeXD XD says:

umm I know im really late but it still saves the other persons email
because I got it off of chreags list but they will not do anything about it

G M Golzar Hossain says:

I bought an old iphone 4s but it was set up by others apple id. I tried but
could not remove this. Please suggest me how it can be removed from this

Allyson Raymond says:

This was extremely helpful and easy to follow. 

Deangelo Lee says:

It ant workin 4 me so y should I try it

alexis valenzuela says:

How do I completely erase my i phone with I tune cause I forgot my apple
I’d to set my phone up it says applied disabled for security reasons how do
I erase everything

Bridgette Maldonadoerdtd says:
Jaura saab says:

i forget my apple id and password what i do now??

C. Kurt Sabate' says:

How long should it take to reset once it’s in iTunes mode?

Amer Alesiwy says:

hi plz can you tell me if that computer must concact to the internet or not

Amanda Thomas says:

My 4s is stuck in recovery mode and keeps getting errors 4013. Latest
version itunes is installed. What else can I try?

mike greene says:

do you need apple id to resset the phone

Ryan Finkelstein says:

Mine said an unknown error occurred (3194)

Dajanae Humphrey says:

How can I reset my iCloud without the pass code?

dstump87 says:

Thanks was super easy and fixed my problem 

Khristen Gutt says:

Is there any other way to do this without itunes? 

Only wanna remark on few general things, The website layout is perfect, the subject matter is rattling excellent : D.

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