how to hard reset iphone ipad and ipod touch

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Fai Diggins says:

That’s not a hard reset ugly ass boi

Christina beauty39 says:

thanks so much it helped me 

tina puckett says:

Can you still hard reset it if it says connect to iTunes but you dont won’t

OnlyForThePriceOf999 says:

‘has iphone help website’ ‘doesn’t know the difference between hard and
soft reset’

Acialuz'zil says:

would this help delete old passwords?
thx in adv.! :)

Shmodetoad Beindegan says:

Why so many dislikes? Did some people get stuck on how to play the video?

chan Choi says:

thank you so much it helped me too!!!!

Kel Tsang says:

Was expecting HARD reset.

cecelia martin says:

I don’t know what all tht stuff is.

cecelia martin says:

I said reset. Not restart. That’s what u r doing restarting it. You didn’t
reset it.

jerrel allen says:

You should do a totorial on how to get free music albums on ipod fourth

mooseolly says:

lol alot of apple users do not know the definition of HARD reset. What you
did is simply just a phone restart that any android phone can achieve by
pressing and holding the power button. 

Ari Rockwell says:

Thats a soft reset loser

TheaterModeBlackOps says:

thank you so much <3

lagirlzhot says:

yesssssssssssss it does work>>> but after that my iphone 3g get stuck on
the apple logo with a logo that spins like saying “”waiting”””and doen’t do
anything else?? helpp!!!!

Ritzzar says:

your mom is a whore, i know cause i used to visit her, in fact its a chanse
you may be my child

EnduroMusic says:

thanks mate

werewolf50005 says:

Thanks bud, really fixed my ipod. +internet to you sir.

DeadlyArtsUK says:

says the one who talks about moms

Luke DB says:

Damn now I gotta use itunes…..thanks idiot

Mark Manalo says:

thanks… so confused to how to reset ipad

Mitch Ellis says:

thanks bro

Milan Djakovic says:

thanks! 😀

lukas molotov says:

thanks, helps very much

TheKHadnan says:

thank you i was shoked because of my iPod

Ongky IceRoc says:


Mikesheesh says:

RITZZAR IS A THUMBS UP WHORE!!! One of the few pathological liar I’ve met,
the worst kind there is, is him: >>Ritzzar<< DO NOT BELIEVE ANYTHING HE SAYS, BECAUSE IT'S PROBABLY NOT TRUE!!!

rockrees says:

thanks, didnt know how to reset my ipod lol

MonkeysInMinecraft says:

Holy Shit man thanks. Thought i broke my ipod when i was jail breaking it
and stopped in between ha ha thanks.

declanindustrys says:

@lagirlzhot i hadthat i had to connect to itunes and restore

Lars Daniel Berge says:

Thanks Dude lifesaver 😀

FAMOUSZ49 says:


ForcedAgenda says:

“Buddon” or “Button”? 😛

moyboy02 says:

thank u man u are a genueus cuz my ipod was locked and i never knew the

Bertikus3000 says:

Good jobe

Kevin Newman says:

thats a soft reset.. hard = complete reset?

Carlos Moreno says:

Please help quick my ipad is stuck on the apple logo please reply any ideas

KIKI843 says:


Simon Pople says:

thanks john

Ralkero says:

OHHH DAMNIT! I found the video, now wheres my damn iPod?!

Johann Normalverbraucher says:

helpI NEED HELP the ti tac toe app dont load there and i cant login in
appstore its a ipod touch 4G i need help what is if i make a hard reset

Jet Magielse says:

THANK YOUUU . my ipod is a life again. 🙂

Katie Torosian says:

i was so worried tht somethng was wrong woth it, u r my lifesaverrrrrrrrr

boriqua710 says:

thats a soft reset dick! lol how do u hard reset?

Random Films says:

thank man!

Gichi992 says:

it works!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Flameembassy says:

its the network its frozen

Mikesheesh says:

ah nice, so now its its my mom lol, weak minds don’t think much i guess…

samuel malo says:

i shit in my pants THANK YOU!

deecf says:

This is just a reboot

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