How to Hard Reset iPhone to Factory Settings

This video demonstrates how to hard reset iPhone to factory settings.  Please note:  when you hard reset iPhone to factory settings, all data on your iPhone will be erased.  If you have data you’d like to keep, you will need back it up with iCloud first.

1. Ensure iTunes is installed on your computer and launch it. If you don’t already have iTunes installed, download it from here and then launch it.
2. Connect your iPhone to your computer with your “lightning” cable
3. Press and hold the “power” button until you see the power off screen
4. While continuing to hold the “power” button, simultaneously press and hold the “home” button
5. Once you see the screen that shows your phone is connected to iTunes, you may release the “power” and “home” buttons
6. A window will appear that states “There is a problem with the iPhone…”
7. Click the “Retore” button.
7. A confirmation window will appear, asking “Are you sure you want to restore the iPhone…”
8. Click the “Restore and Update” button
9. Click “Next” and then click “Agree”
10. The software update will now download
11. Once the download has finished, press and hold both the “power” and “home” button (like in step 4)
12. Repeat steps 5 thru 8
13. Waits a few minutes for the software update to be installed
14. Once the software update is complete, all data will be erased, the newest iOS version will be installed, and the iPhone will be reset to its factory defaults

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