How to Master the Hard Reset for iPhone 4, 3G or 3GS

Quick tip: don’t hard reset your iOS device if it’s unlocked!

Otherwise, go ahead and follow this device and you’ll be able to quickly reset your device to factory settings. This way, you can enjoy a device that is just the way it was when you bought it. This is also important if you’re planning on selling your device or giving it to a friend – you don’t want them to get access to all of your photos and personal details.

Another important note: make sure that you back up ALL data before going through this process.

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Joao T says:

I have a iphone 4s, having problems with WRONG passwords all the time.
Especially iCloud … so much that I did what you show here, it did a
restore, but it is till asking me for the iCloud password. I want to DELETE
the iCloud account but it doesn’t allow me, asking over n over for the
password. gees so frustrating… any thoughts??? 


my costambar iphone modal a1332 emc 380a problam connect to itunes plishe
my problam soll me

Camerom Holliman says:

What’s the restriction code ?????✋

Rockey Kelley says:
rctandrew says:

I dropped my iPhone 3GS A1303 on the ground now its not charging.
when i hold the power button on for 5 seconds,nothing happends.what does
this mean and how can i fix it?

sam kim says:

This is not a Hard reset…..

Rafael Leite says:

Good, thank you. Solved my problem

diana aidoo says:

i did not backup

diana aidoo says:

my 3g iphone was restore after it did not come again

kaionti wittig says:

Why does it say no sim?

ThatAsian says:

I did every single step that u did and followed it but still is stuck on
the logo and its a iphone 3gs

leslie sanderson says:

what if it has a password on the reset?

azaria payan says:

so if i reset it if its unlocked what happens… lol 

Maryam Touray says:


Kash Knocks says:

Thats not a hard reset dumbass

fairuz sparow says:

Thanks bro!!!!!!!

Frances Ortiz says:

do u know how to bypass the recovery mode without a computer? I don’t have
a usb. Recovery mode not dfu mode. Thanks.

bloodslayer57 says:

what if its disabled

Alexa Buty says:

few days ago i backed it up on BOTH iTunes and icloud( i backed it up on my
phone then connected it to iTunes and backed it up again) but now it also
restarts Oo like i am trying to use an app and it freezes then the apple
logo appears…..i rly don’t know why. I have no idea what to do it it
especially tht it works a bit hard Oo…they screwed this update up. Do u
have any ideas of what could i do? thx

ZorOx96 says:

Wtf, Nothing Hapend! not loading 🙁

agingyoungrebel says:

A hard reset would be a method devoid of using any of the software, genius

deleteeeeedeeeeddddd says:

LOL, I was thinking the same thing. (SO LATE)

Lacy Newbury says:

How do you unlock an iphone 4 so it can be used on any provider? ios 6.1.3

Nawar Ku says:

if I reset my settings is it possible for someone else to restore them ?

HulkRemade says:

How is this hard to master?

jesse villarreal says:


Kurella Srinivas Ratna Kumar says:

To all the guys who were stuck in hard reset and their phiones not
responding …. Just hold on to the power button until ur phone restarts or
press hold the power and the home button together until it turns off when
this is done just turn on ur phone by pressing down ur power button …. U
phone is back again horray

Phones2Cash says:

This is a factory hard reset.

james beacorn says:

Does this erase your number off the phone as well?

christopherp891 says:

mi iphone 4s will not connect to itunes or connect to any computer! wat has
happened? it is also jailbroken…. help me ASAP!

Phones2Cash says:

This is a factory reset. It will restore your phone back to original
factory settings.

Michelle Martin says:

Awesome! Thank you very much! Resetting my 16-year-old son’s iPhone after
he decided to do some not so pleasant things!!!

DamnBLONDIE fine says:

wow, my iphone doesn’t show the “Restore” option it says “Restore Factory
Settings” & when I press that, It says yes and i press yes and nothing
happens……. pls help! :{

Phones2Cash says:

There is a method to get passed your password. This is not that method. If
your phone is unlocked, you don’t want to try to restore it.

clone line says:


Phones2Cash says:

I would be interested in those phones. please e-mail me visit the site and
click on the contact us tab. Awesome Thanks! Please give the video a thumbs

vfpprogrammer145 says:

Why i Should not restore if i have an unlock?

Peta Gerry says:

i have the iphone 4 3g and i did everything u have said but when i do the
erase iphone and click it twice it goes to the apple like it’s going to
start over then it goes right into the shut off stage with the circle going
around how do i fix that ?

Phones2Cash says:

This could be as a result of water damage, a bad battery. Most likely it’s
because the phone got wet. If not then I would say there is a software
issue. Try plugging it into iTunes. Be careful, if your phone is unlocked
you don’t want to restore it.

stupidboynyc says:

What happens if you restore an UNLOCKED Iphone 4? How should I go about
resetting an UNLOCKED phone then?? Thanks

Phones2Cash says:

I am not totally sure what causes this. If your phone was unlocked this
could be the trouble. You can plug it into iTunes and restore it that way
and hopefully that will help. Please give my video a thumbs up, I would
appreciate it.

Phones2Cash says:

You may have to restore the phone using itunes.

Francisco Nunez says:

once i hit erase data it when to a black screen with a loading sign and has
stayed there for about 3 hrs what should i do. i connect it to iTunes and
nothing happens. its doesn’t even appear as connected please help

Phones2Cash says:

HAHA. Well you never know who is watching these videos.

Rob Austin says:

I have the original Droid the Droid X and Droid Bionic

George Capous says:

i tried to reset my iphone 4 and it just keeps going round in circles and
doesnt stop

mkono baridi says:

same here i saw the apple for a few seconds and then the round thing that
never stops even after ten hrs i have 5.01 version i dont think you can get
rid of that

benjamin røhaavelsrud says:

when i does it, it just lag up and its still loading and shit.. 🙁

Brett Williams says:

i did this and went to this screen without the load bar and now it will not
do anything but try to load…. it sad on charger for 6 hours and still did
not work what do i do ?

Phones2Cash says:

I have heard of several people with the same problem after they updated to
ios6. When was the last time you synced it to itunes? It might help. The
only other thing I can say is to wait for the updates to come out. There
are several bugs that it will fix. So sorry.

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