How to Restore iPhone 5 to Factory Settings (Works for Forgotten Passwords)

This video provides step by step instructions for how to unlock your iPhone 5 back to its original factory settings. Best of all, this easy process works even if you have been locked out of your device after forgetting your password. This is a very useful tool then as it will let you get your device as good as new even when you’re stuck unable to use it.

Here’s a tip: update your data regularly. That way, if you do forget your password and get locked out, you’ll be able to reset your device without all your photos, files and game saves!

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LusiD says:

Yea so I mugged a granny and stole her Iphone 5 and the bastard is locked!
Thankyou for helping me (Y) lol

adam hood says:

I did the same thing but it says it needs the phones password but it’s
disabled so what do I do 

shadedgamerr says:

Thanks alot! :)

Sapto Putro HS says:

Finally i found a free phone unlocker go to

alex zenelaj says:

i got iOS 7 and it says that restore and update but i cant insall iOS 8
without having the password soplzzzzzzz someone help me!!!

Maverick Lapada says:

Is this available on HP laptop?? plss reply;…

MineCreepomonBro says:


stephanie vargas says:

Brian they charge 200 to fix it dumbass.

S Anand says:

friends i had updated ios8 in my iphone 5c now i had facing a battery down
probs so custm care person said some of the apps has be crashed so make to
restore t device i had dne bt inbtwn its turned on to normal postion and
also apps r gone not out of the device pls make me in this regards

Anthony Esqueda says:

If you see closly it says pussy 

Cody Sturm says:

if there is a password that u don’t know for the factory reset will this
work? not the password to get in the device but its some kind of parental
control password for the reset

Jerson Deocares says:

How to restore iPhone 5 / Forgot password / Facto…:

Mark Deleon says:

it says P-U-S-S-Y on the top of his computer screen -.-

stephanie vargas says:

My brother just bought a iPhone 5s from a boy at school for 20 because it
doesn’t turn on and when he charges it it just makes a bell sound and my
mom is trying to fix it and pay to fix it but I’m worried that the phone is
locked and we pay all the money for nothing. :(

Ramsen Shemun says:

awesome now i can put a passcode i won’t forget and won’t screw up

xiviiixi says:

PUSSY huh? hmmmm

John T says:

Good video thanks 

Nicole Tesfaye says:

I spy an Azealia fan!!

Asyraf Jay says:

If we restore the iPhone, will the iCloud activation gone also ?

kylie grande says:

Is your apple id reset to?

Tyler Smith says:

Will this work as well for forgetting the restriction password? I
completely forgot what I made the password on my phone.

ProGamer- Online says:

Help it says cannot use backup D:

JoWeeWong says:

You’ve got one of the most annoying voices I’ve heard in a while.

DiepSpartan119 says:

my iphone 5 took like 50 mins long and i had to wait than do again with
putting Apps and Music waste my time for 2 hrs

devron granston says:

Will it be running iOS 7 when I restore it 

Karol Grzymkowski says:

why my iphone opening in actualisation ??? why it pop-up ?

Jesse Bianco says:

If I do this will it get rid of the I cloud sign in on a stolen iPhone??
Pls help I brought one and I can’t get in coz It wants me to sign in to
iCloud and I dunno it… Thanks

Alyssa Chapman says:

how do you get to the screen your on now?

kevon roy says:

thank you my phone hated me lol

bipin bp says:

i have a prblm in my iphone5s plz help me
i forget email id password
i forget icolud password and apple password
now i cant login new id and i cant logout old id
i dont know old id i forget that .
now i cant rest iphone
plz help me frndsss

Nur Lan says:

I connect to itunes and it says it cannot do anything because the iphone is
disabled, i need to put the passcode which i forgot. Any help

yacine ben khada says:

Hi, I just buy my iPhone 5s second hand, so I never put it in my computer
and I don’t know the password , is that méthode will help me reset it???

Artur Pelicho says:

When I try that, Itunes get stuck at the “extraction” phase,….

When I try without Itunes,… the phone gets stuck at the spinning wheel,..

It’s a GSM Iphone 4 @ ios 6.0.1 evasion Jailbreak…

I’m trying to get rid of the jailbreak…

Any ideas ? Thanks !

lisha Villacanas says:

Guys i need help i cant send a message to a specific person on my iphone 🙁
but i can send to others just fine…what should i do???

Aldin Sehovic says:

i have problem with connecting the usb on computer and connecting with
charger, charger is new and working on other phones and its copy of iphone

Dzeko Salah says:

thanks dude 

Slick willis says:

this was perfect! thanks bro.

Rodreck Muwoni says:

Does the itunes account that will be use have to be the same as the one
loged in the phone

Gamer Pro says:

Thanks you :)

ian patrimonio says:

do i need to log in in itunes for me to hard reset my iphone5 or just to
open an itune then directl do the instructions,, im confused guys,, pls
help me,,, i forgot the passcode of my iphone5,,, if possible you can email
me the answer,, thank you

Jessica Olivarez says:

is this what people do when they steal phones?

atph120890 says:

i got an ” …… Iphone cannot be restored “: ( error 4013 )

pratyendra Singh says:

please help me. i lost my password, i then backed up all my data on itunes.
now i am restoring it but after going through all the processes it shows
error 3004.
it cannot be restored. i will never forget this favor of yours, please help

great cesars ghost says:

i assume this will not remove the i-cloud block on a 5s . or will it ?

Megakev says:

Will do this tommorow when im jailbreaking my device :)

yacine ben khada says:

Hi, I just buy my iPhone 5s second hand, so I never put it in my computer
and I don’t know the password , is that méthode will help me reset it???

maher Alzuhairi says:

i reset the iphone and the icloud is not letting me in and i dont have the
password for it can someone plllllllz help me ?

Alberto Flores says:

i cant do this it says that i have to authorize the computer to access the
iphone and i have to authorize it from the iphone help

Dominic Duran says:

I’m thinking about doing this bit I don’t want to erase everything on my
phone because I wouldn’t remember any of the names to my apps and music..
What does backing it up do?

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