How to restore iPhone 5 / forgot password / factory reset

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In this video I will show you how to restore iPhone 5 to factory settings. This will work if you forgotten password but be careful as it will wipe of everything on the phone, it will work for disabled iPhone, and if your iPhone is not working correctly.

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Emil Dee says:

Excellent music choice for this video!

Cesar Flores says:

Will it restore to factory setting if its iCloud locked???????

Caelan Berry says:

It only took me 9 minutes

saydie wammack says:

What do I do if it says “iphone software server could not be connected” ?


hi i unlock my iphone from IPHONE IMEI , and now i have to 2. Insert sim
card (another carrier) in iPhone.
3. Connect your phone to PC or laptop, and run iTunes.
4. Than you need reload phone (phone must be connected to iTunes).
5. When phone turn on, on iTunes you can see message “Congratulations your
iphone is unlocked”.
After this you can use any sim card. how to go with out the aple id and

SassyBat says:

hi could this work for an ipad as well? ive wasted so much time on trying
to restore it but keeps asking for passcode (forgotten) … so thought Id
ask before i waste any more time on itunes, about to pull my hair out lol

may aayed says:

did not work any help with latest update

Pineapple pines YouTube says:

I did this but it said it couldn’t do it because of the passcode. ;-;

TheAndreProject says:

Thank you!

khalilo U says:

i like y dude have nice tuto

Sohail Iqbal says:

would I need to be signed into my apple id to perform this?

Mike Sibayan says:

i dont have any usb connector for my iphone 5 . i forgot my password in the
screenlock . please help me do it . i just want to hard reset it . but
every video i watched in youtube wont work in my phone so i think my iphone
5 is a replica .. help me please

Wallied says:

I try to reset my password but every time it just say acc is disabled reset

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