how to restore reboot hard reset any iphone

how to unjail break iphone and restore it to its original firmware software, u need itunes for this, so first of u got to power off the iphone then connect it to ur usb iphone data cable then hold the power on/off button for 10s then with out letting go of the power button press the home screen button after 5 seconds let go of the power button but keep pressing on the home button until u see on itunes the massage box that would say we detected a iphone thats on recovery mode . then just click restore and ur good to go. how to bypass iphone passcode with out a computer,

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CoolChris says:

what do I do if I don’t have that iTunes

Aaliyyah bn says:

If I do this will my data be gone 

JkrazeGaming says:

mine shows the loading bar with the apple but wont finish, please help

FloeOnTheBeat says:

thanks man this was simple and easy

Connar Mccrery says:

Thank you so much!!!

Heaven Clark says:

mines stuck on connect to itunes and it wont shut off. What do i do

Hailey Jeffries says:

Umm doesn’t work

lavall jordan says:

gudd lookin bro

geko traylor says:

i have a iphone 4 and forgot my itunes information so now the phone is
locked and i cant get it unlocked how do i fix this??? please help

Alex Cueva says:

thanks bro

brittany johnson says:

I Don’t Have I Tunes & I Can’t Setup My Phone 

Nina Booker says:

Mine does this but when I’ve gotten half way through it stops…

Sam Murphy says:

i got an error 3194 im stuck…

Mike Pelekanos says:

Thanks man. you are awsome.

Jason Hancock says:

German hack group already released software for Iphone hack

Pokeball Go says:

+shane carberry ya…. you do lose the apps and music, but it’s still saved
so yuo get it back.

David Kostroub says:

Does it work for iPhone 3?

shane carberry says:

Do you loose all of your apps and contacts and songs

Smaz3r says:

Thanks u saved my iPhone 🙂

shane carberry says:

And pictures

Velqro says:

Yes, you should have backed it up before jailbreak, then restore it so its
unjailbroken then back it up

MIZTA shy says:

It was jail broken by red snow but it works the same way for all in jail

jan neduchal says:

Oh god i will sub ure my hero u saved my ipad 2

Awkward1Gamer says:

Hello Do you love those who have jailbroken apps also? If you unjailbreakt?
And go away all your contacts if you unjailbreakt?

D .Davies says:

i did just click on the restore buttom in genral! are my iphone gonna break
cuz i can just see a circle spinning around:( plz help

Shreneek Upadhye says:

because your iphone is jail… so do it from itunes it’s work for me

Mizz V says:

i keep getting error 21

pinkykatta says:

Hey , are you using Mac com?

bYzO7722 says:

please i have a problem at my i phone ive resetted it and its stuck please
come to my channel and see the video you will understand i need a solution
please all like i need him to help me

Valaryc Versai says:

By doing this, does it erase all your contacts and apps and stuff?

nikki mcpherson says:

thank yoou!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Darius Carter says:

you were supposed to back it up so you should still have everything

andrew isthesikkest says:


e mad says:


jalyssa johnson says:

dont have one o does daa base things

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