iPhone 5: How to Hard Reset (3 Ways)

How to hard reset your iPhone 5 when it is stuck and not responding. You also want to wipe out your phone if you are going to sell it to some else. What this video to learn how you can achieve a hard reset on iPhone 5 using three different ways.

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Nitzan Vaturi says:

yor a life saver !!!!! thank you !!

Linda Lopez says:

thanks you so much <3

Jasmin Basa says:

Please help… my iphone 5 icons dont work. Meaning no data at all, just
display icons only. How can i fix it?

Jasmin Basa says:

Please help. My iphone 5 icons dont work, meaning no data at all only
display icons. How can i fix it? Please advise. Thanks.

ITJungles says:

George7981 – all feedback are important to us, whether it’s rude, mean,
nasty, unfriendly or nice. It is through this process that we can evaluate
our work, then improve upon it by correcting the mistake and hopefully in
the future we don’t get any more negative comment.

ITJungles says:

Al muchaluv – i am working on it. Please subscribe to my channel to see
continues improvement. Thanks for the valuable feedback.

jorin15 says:

fck up

ITJungles says:

Depending on the method you use, it can deletes data. For example if you
choose to hard reset and erase all content via the menu settings, then your
data will be lost.

dayana hiphop says:

i have a password there and i dont know it pls helped me

SmithsRichard says:

does it deletes the data?

daniel jons says:


shaylen keller says:

thank you !

abdullah alam says:

Appreacate it man

shaylen keller says:

thank you !

ITJungles says:

No it only reset the settings back to the default. However, if you have
make some changes to the setting, then it could cause your phone to use
more battery power. When resetting the phone, it may turn your device back
to the most optimize state.

shaylen keller says:

thank you !

Joseph Tolua says:

My bf is a dummy lol

Lee Robson says:

My iPhone 5 has just stopped working it was working fine then I went to use
it but nothing at all just black screen??? (full charge no other issues). I
had to call apple and they made me do the two button hold trick… It now
works again. Is this cause for concern or is it not uncommon ? The apple
worker said like any computer sometimes they require a reboot.

'Amber Juarez says:

I did it but nothing has changed.

Firstjh Lakjhjst says:

wow what a polite response to a mean comment

ITJungles says:

Thank you for watching.

Dhananjay Pawar says:

Does hard resetting iPhone 5 increase its battery life?

ITJungles says:

Sorry to hear you are having difficulty getting your phone working.

vanie bolongaita says:

thanks dude..

Roberto Salazar says:

Good job and thank you. Your English is fine. The text on the video helps
to reenforce your instructions in case a critical idiot doesn’t get the
dicks out of his ears and brain. Lol.

Shay Carmelinna says:


shaylen keller says:

thank you !

ITJungles says:

Is your Lock/Power button faulty? Because you need to use it.

Appreviewerss says:

Homebutton and sleep/wake butoon speedest

ITJungles says:

Could you restore with a lower version firmware. I haven’t experience your
issue before.

ymcmballin says:


matycee says:

thank you. worked…naturally.

anderlechtlover007 says:

Thank you man 🙂

Nafis Ahmed says:

hey i’d jailbreaked my iphone5(ios6.0.1) . accidently i deleted the “cydia”
. after that i’ve tried to restore and update the firmware of my iphone5
with itunes. new update(ios7) completes the download and when it tries to
work with that firmware on my phone an error occurs and the reseting
process stops .. what should i do ? plz help ..

Al Muchaluv says:

damn dude take the dick out of your mouth and speak like humans do…

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