iPhone 5S: How to Hard Reset and ERASE All Content

Find out how you can perform a hard reset the iPhone 5S. In this video there are two methods, one method will simply get you out of the frozen mode and the other will completely erase all the data and content on the device.

This video works with iPad, iPod and older iPhone as well.

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bunrong han says:

How long dose it take to finish erase all content and setting ? does it
lose the jialbroken ? 

Christopher Davis says:

Mine gave me the black screen with the spinning wheel and has been spinning
doing that for about 6 hours. What do i do?

rami416 says:

How can i tell if it downloaded because i wanna check if it did or not, Can
u help me out how to find put please, And i just subscribed by the way,
Subscribe to me to if you can :)

rami416 says:

Well my phone downloaded 7.1 and i didnt want it to so now i lost 1.9gb
space because it said u need 1.9gb atleast to download but i didnt want it
to download so if i earse content and data on settings thru iphone will
that delete the 1.9gb file

rami416 says:

Then whats erase all content and data for doesnt it erase everything

rami416 says:

Will this clean and give me all my space because my phone downloaded ios
7.1 and will that download file be deleted aswell

rami416 says:

will this update to latest version or will u still have ur current one

rami416 says:

Ok but when i run iExplore it says i have 218mb free space and on my phone
says 28mb, i also rebooted it and still have 28mb because i deleted a game
and video then had 200mb then after sometime like around 5min or less i had
less then 100mb, Where did my 200mb go i didnt download or use 200mb yet

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