iPhone 5s – How to Reset Back to Factory Settings

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Ashraf Khan says:

I followed your instructions my i phone 5 but when I reached to “erase all
content and settings” . but my phone take to much time 2/3 hours.than i am
give reboot my i phone.after that network not come and imei not showing.how
to fix this problem.any idea plz give me. 

Eric Mesias says:

My iPhone is consuming a lot of my Gb what can I do I have some bookmarks
that I want to save do I have to reset it like is a new phone

Gellian Mae Llave says:

I followed your instructions but when I reached to “erase all content and
settings” it requires me the passcode. but i dont know the passcode of my
iphone.. just wanna ask how can I retrieve my passcode of my phone?

Elif91 says:

does it go back with the ios you bought?

crusier boyz! says:

at 2:00 you see a white screen, i tried this and my phone got stuck. 🙁 how
do i fix it?

jimmycha12345 says:

can you do a video where you factory restored it and did the back up plan
and got everything back? im scared to lose all my important stuff.

Falcon959 says:

Will it take away my service I have from my carrier?

Jorge E Dominguez A says:

does it need to be connected?

BeastModeJelly says:

Fuk you

didetbrown says:

i tried but
settings/general/reset/erase all contents and settings then asks me for a
any idea of what is this??? please help

Miguel Zantua says:

does it need to have a wifi

azrul abu bakar says:


Paty Romero says:

Thanks for this video, neat, and clear!!

Sebastian Jr says:

Can you do this if you have a jailbroken iPhone?

Erwin Ljeskovica says:

Nice video! Thanks :)

abdulla alkathere says:

thanks brother

Vincent Rodriguez says:

Perfect demo. Thanks. 

Heidi Mahmoud says:

I want to get the new iphone but i have 12 GB worth of photos! I dont want
to lose it! I uploaded them in the iphoto but i am afraid if i reset my old
iphone all the photos will be lost!! what should I do?

Alpha Gaming says:

Thanks man!

Rizq Irfandi says:

Hey man,can i ask you something?My small brother accidentally restricted my
access to appstore,camera,itunes and a lot more through ‘restrictios’.he
forgot the restrictions passcode and hence i can’t have access to all of
those above.will doing the steps you showed in the video reset the
restrictions too?

sumthinsumthin523 says:

Thanks this helped!!

Toni Hancock says:

Thank you. love the no jargon no nonsense aproach.

Luis Gutierrez says:

will this reset the ios

corey diev says:

will it reset the figure imprint id as well?

bipin bp says:

i have a prblm in my iphone5s plz help me
i forget email id password
i forget icolud password and apple password
now i cant login new id and i cant logout old id
i dont know old id i forget that .
now i cant rest iphone
plz help me frndsss

Jack Lees says:

On this video, is there anyway of removing an apple id using a factory

Jayden Sprigler says:

Hello, I was wondering… I have an iPhone 5c, and I want to reset
everything I have, but I want to keep flappy bird, how can I do this?

Victor Toribio says:

It ask me for the apple id code do u k how to fix that

Joel Cornette says:

Perfect and simple. Thank you.

Darian Karmo says:

Thank You 

Ravi Jagatia says:

Thanks appreciate it 

Haval Apple says:

my iphone not like that how to fix it . i think i will be dieeeee

Debra Bilger says:

I want to change service carriers from Sprint to Straight Talk on my I
Phone 5 S, how can I do that?

Christine Witney says:

Thanks for that! Perfect insructions :)

ikke715 says:

if I reset my iphone, will it remain the firmware or does it update to the
latest ios?

ajsingh112 says:

Please answer.
My iPohne 5S has a bug in it. Sometimes it resprings radomly by itself, and
comes back after about 10-20 sec. This happens almost daily. Please help
solve this problem.

darno pret says:

thanks dude, i really appreciated it

Mike Maus says:

Thanks for making this video! Got a new 5s and was trying to get my iphone
4 back on my 5S.

joseph perez says:

I was wondering if anyone has a tutorial on how to get throu an icloud
lock, lil bro accidently messed with my find my iphone on my laptop and
locked my phone an idk what to do so please help

taseer Khan says:

Come back to me

taseer Khan says:

Send me a viodo

taseer Khan says:

How to rest I phone 5s password 

Bboynaughtylegs says:

Please answer me back!!!! I want to buy iphone 5 ios 7 second hand and if I
restore to factory setting with him using hes apple id it won’t lock ?
after the reset I can just set it up as a new iphone and it will never ask
for hes info ?? thanks !

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