iPhone 6+ How to Hard Reset/Reboot No iTunes (Lost Password? or Disabled?)

No iTunes* If the device menus are frozen or unresponsive, you can hard reset using hardware keys. To perform a reset, follow these steps:

1.Reset the iPhone by holding the sleep/wake button at the top right of the device and the home button at the bottom center of the face at the same time.
2.Hold them both until you see the screen go black.
3.Wait until the white Apple logo appears.
4.When this happens, you can let go.
The device will reboot.

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naruto keynan says:

it works thank u so much

Reese Cruz says:

Does it work with iphone activation 

lonlon kk says:

Thank you so much

xxxAxFxxx says:

kael ahmed – It works! 

Layna Harris says:

Does this work if the iphone had icloud please let me know !

Dhudz Aguilar says:

,does it works even if you have icloud activation??

Alwi Tajudin says:

Hey there! Thank you soo much!!! It did works for me! Thanks!!! 

Jesus Vallecillo says:

How long does it take to reboot? 

JordyBoy 123 says:

does it delete anything

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