BEST iOS 9 Jailbreak Cydia Tweaks for Week 3, February 2016

This video covers the best iOS 9 jailbreak Cydia tweaks for the third week of February, 2016. Below is the list of tweaks that are covered:

  1. AppSwitcher7 – 0:24 – brings back the old iOS app switcher
  2. AppSort – 0:51 – allow you to sort your apps, in different ways
  3. Meteor – 1:27 – adds animation to weather icon, displaying temprature and current condition; also displays on your status bar
  4. BrickDate – 2:14 – prevents you from setting the date on your device to January 1, 1970 which allegidly bricks your device
  5. ByeShutterSound – 2:35 – removes the “shutter” sound from the camera app on your iOS 9 device

Please note that your device must be jailbroken and you must have Cydia installed, in order to use the above tweaks.

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