Jailbreak Tweaks – Top 20 for iOS 10.1.1 & 10.2

Below is a list of the Top 20 jailbreak tweaks for iOS 10.1.1. & 10.2, as of 01-31-2017.  If you haven’t performed an iOS jailbreak on your device yet, you will need to do so before proceeding.

Horseshow – 0:35 – combines your Control Center into one page, for a consolidated and clean look
Noctis – complements Horseshow – store.laughingquoll.net

Platters – 1:24 – takes your recent applicatiosn from your multitasking pane and puts them in one place. You can close apps and/or make them run in the background. You can add favorite apps

WormHole – 1:47 – puts shortcuts on the top row of icons in Control Center

FlipControlCenter – 2:20 – fully customize your icons in Control Center

Aeternum Hives Beta – 3:12 – it’s like an Apple Watch interface for your iPhone

Boxy3 – 3:46 – allows you to customize the layout style of the icons on your home screen

DarkMessages – 4:33 – makes your messages app completely dark which is handy when texting at night

TapticKeys 2.0 – 4:58 – provides you “haptic feedback” like when tapping an Android device does

Anemone – 5:15 – allows you to theme your springboard
RocketBootstrap (For Anemone) – rpetri.ch/repo/

iCleaner – 5:50 – clears cache files, junk files, etc.

Rocket for Instagram – 6:15 – enhances your Instagram experience

AppAdmin – 7:03 – allows you to downgrade versions of any application as long as Apple is still signing it in the App Store

Sleek’n’Bouncy10 – 7:46 – adds an animated, “springly” effect for your device

Speedy – 8:02 – allows you to remove all animation (to speed up your device)

Lithium Ion – 8:23 – provides various themes for customizing your battery meter

Zeppelin – 8:55 – replace your cell phone carrier text with an image or alternate text

Grasshopper – 9:17 – creates a picture-in-picture feature for videos, like an iPad does

Sleiphizer – 9:45 – greatly expands features within Safari browser

Peek-a-Boo – 10:06 – provides 3D touch in any area that you want (like on an iPhone 6S or 7)

Badge Cleaner – 10:33 – allows you to clear “badges” in apps that support it

Be on the lookout for more jailbreak tweaks, in the coming days.

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