This video demonstrates how to factory reset an iPhone, also known as a “hard reset”. This process is useful if you would like to sell your iPhone or give it to someone else. Your phone will be restored to the state it was in when you first pulled it out [More]
For those individuals that like a minimalist interface, with dark colors, this video shows how to setup “The Perfect Jailbroken iPhone”.  Below are the items covered in this video: LSX – 0:49 – widget that displays time on the lock screen Priority Hub – 0:58 – allows you to manage [More]
This video covers the best iOS 9 jailbreak Cydia tweaks for the fourth week of January, 2016. Below is the list of tweaks that are covered: Magnum – 0:19 – enables customization of the message bubbles, within the messages app SwipeToDeleteContact – 0:54 – allows you to quickly delete any [More]
This video covers the best iOS 9 jailbreak Cydia tweaks for the third week of January, 2016. Below is the list of tweaks that are covered: Alympus – 0:36 – redesign of “app switcher”, for greater functionality DocKolor – 1:38 – allows you to change the background color of your [More]
This video demonstrates how to carrier or factory unlock your iPhone, that’s currently locked to a particular GSM carrier, so it can be used with any GSM carrier in the world. Note that there is a cost associated with this. The steps are as follows: 1. Obtain the IMEI for [More]
Let’s begin 2016 with a list of the top jailbreak Cydia tweaks! The following Cydia tweaks are covered in this video: 1. MetaMorph – 0:16 – allows you to customize several items on your device – AppSwitcher, Notification Center, LockScreen, HomeScreen, etc… 2. Eucnide – 0:57 – enables customization within [More]
Presented in this video are the best jailbreak tweaks of 2015. However, many of them are NOT free. Below is the complete list of tweaks, that are covered: 1. Seng – $2.50 – app switcher replacement 2. Forcy – FREE – if you don’t have an iPhone 6S, this ads [More]
Some individuals believe that jailbreaking is becoming obsolete. This video dispels that notion, by covering the top 30 reasons to jailbreak your iOS device. Some of the reasons include customization, themes, animations, split screen multi-tasking, better control center, iPad exclusive features, etc. Many of the features that you would expect [More]
Here are more great “Top 10” Pangu compatible Cydia jailbreak tweaks, for December 2015. NOTE: Your device must already be jailbroken, in order to take advantage of these tweaks. 1. Splitify – adds partial split screen support; works best on iOS devices with larger screens 2. Medusa (for iPad) – [More]
This video covers how to recover your iPhone when it’s locked out or disabled and you’ve forgotten your passcode. If you enter the wrong passcode into an iOS device, six times in a row, it will be locked out and a message will be displayed, indicating that’s disabled. Unless you [More]
This jailbreak process with work with any device that’s capable of running iOS 9 (9.0.1 and 9.0.2). The steps covered in this video, to jailbreak your iOS device, are listed below: 1. Attach your iOS device to your computer 2. Place your iOS device in “Airplane mode” 3. Turn off [More]
Please note that you must first jailbreak your device (using Pangu), in order to take advantage of any of the tweaks, discussed in this video. Below is the list of top 10 Cydia tweaks, for November 2015.  Each tweak will work with up to iOS 9.0.2. 1. Springtomize 3 – highly rated but [More]
This video will illustrate how to unlock your disabled iPhone.  This method will work for for any iOS, up to and including iOS 9.  It’s recommend that you backup your iPhone with iTunes, before beginning.  Below are the steps you will follow: Plug your iPhone into your computer Press the [More]
If you have purchased an iPhone that is iCloud activation locked, this video will show you how to bypass it, to gain back some functionality, from your iPhone. Popular topics:  how to reset iphone | how to bypass iphone passcode
If you have forgotten your passcode and/or your device is disabled, this video provides a workaround.  An iOS device will become disabled if you enter the wrong passcode too many times, in a row.  This procedure will work with iPhone 2g thru 6s, as well as iPads and iPods.  In [More]
This video shows how to jailbreak iOS 9, with Pangu. Pangu works with any device capable of running iOS 9.0, iOS 9.0.1, or iOS 9.0.2, which includes iPhone 6s+, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6+, iPhone 6, iPad Air 2, iPad Air, iPad 4, iPad 3, iPad 2, iPad mini 4, iPad [More]
Learn how to perform a jailbreak of iOS 9 (9.0, 9.0.1, and 9.0.2), using Pangu!  Currently, the procedure only works from a Windows system. Also, there are several things that you will need to do, before starting the jailbreak: 1. Install the latest iTunes 2. Connect your device to your Windows [More]
This video discusses five additional top reasons why you should jailbreak your iPhone.   Below is what (tweaks) will be covered, in this video: 1. AppCake – provides downloads to free “cracked” apps (note that is NOT an endorsement of software pirating but simply provided for educational purposes) 2. Barrel – [More]