This is a video tutorial for jailbreaking and unlocking (Hacktivate) (FREE SIM ) iPhone 4, 3GS, tested on iPhone 3GS New-bootrom with Base Band (Modem Firmware) 06.15.00 by using Sn0wbreeze download sn0wbreeze here: download iOS here:
Here at, we love jailbreaking our phones. Well what would you expect with a name like that! Getting access to the Cydia app store is more than enough reason alone to do this and there are many other incentives besides. This video will show you how to download one [More]
Unlocking your phone to use any carrier is useful in many situations. If you want to get a cheap phone, then buying a second hand phone that’s locked to a specific network and then unlocking it to use on your own is a good strategy. Otherwise, you might just decide [More]