This procedure will reset your iPhone to its factory settings, removing any data or settings that’s saved in your iPhone.  Please note that a “hard reset” does NOT remove an Apple ID or activation lock.  Follow the steps below to perform an iPhone hard reset: Power off your iPhone Connect [More]
Have you forgotten your iPhone, iPad, or iPad Touch password? Is your iPhone is disabled? If so, this video will demonstrate how to reset your iOS device to factory default settings, also known as a “hard reset”.  Below are the specific steps you will follow: Power off your device Connect [More]
This video demonstrates how to factory reset an iPhone, also known as a “hard reset”. This process is useful if you would like to sell your iPhone or give it to someone else. Your phone will be restored to the state it was in when you first pulled it out [More]
This factory unlock procedure will work with any GSM carrier, including AT&T, T-Mobile, Vodafone, Orange, O2, and others.  iOS 9, 9.0.1, 9.0.2, & 9.1 are supported. UnlockRiver – Popular topics:  how to reset iphone | how to bypass iphone passcode
Please be aware that a factory reset (hard reset) will delete ALL data and settings, on your iPhone. Essentially, it returns your phone to the same state it was, when you first unboxed it.  Therefore, it is highly recommended that you first back up your phone, if possible, unless there’s [More]
This video provides a workaround, if you have forgotten your passcode and/or your device is disabled. This procedure will work for iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5, iPhone 4s, iPad Air, iPad, and any iPod Touch. Download iTunes here: Popular topics:  how to reset iphone | how to [More]
This video covers how to unlock iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, for any GSM carrier, such as T-Mobile, AT&T, MetroPCS, etc.  Get your Unlock code at Popular topics:  how to reset iphone | how to bypass iphone passcode
So you want to reset your iPhone to the original settings from the factory? Well this quick tutorial will help you do just that! Go to Home Screen On the applications page click on Settings Then click on the General Tab At the bottom click ‘Reset’ key Various menus come [More]
In this video I will show you how to restore iPhone 5 to factory settings. This will work if you forgotten password but be careful as it will wipe of everything on the phone, it will work for disabled iPhone, and if your iPhone is not working correctly.
This video provides step by step instructions for how to unlock your iPhone 5 back to its original factory settings. Best of all, this easy process works even if you have been locked out of your device after forgetting your password. This is a very useful tool then as it [More]
Learn to hard reset your Apple iPhone 4 with these easy steps. Before selling or recycling your cell phone, you should always remove any important data and information so it doesn’t get into the wrong hands. This video will show you how. Need some extra cash? Have some old gadgets [More]
Want to get a very cheap iOS device? Go to a second hand store that sells electronics and look for a device that is still locked to another network. These devices sell for a lot cheaper because not as many people can buy them. But here’s the trick – you [More]
To Factory Unlock your iPhone 4 or 4s means to use it with any other carrier or network. This task can be done in many ways, but a lot of people prefer to do it without a jailbreak. Also we show you in the video below, how this can be [More]
  Watch the video and earn your freedom! This video runs you through the process of factory unlocking your iPhone 4S, 4 or 3GS. The process is very simple and straightforward and the end result is a phone that will operate as though you bought it unlocked from the store. [More]
How to hard reset or factory restore and iphone 4 or 4s
This video shows you how to hard reset your phone removing everything including the password. This is a useful trick if you have been locked out. It’s also super useful for anyone who just wants to restore their phone back to the way it was when they first got it. [More]
– #1 iPhone Unlocking. Permanent Factory Unlock iPhone 3G / 3Gs / 4 / 4S / 5 from Vodafone UK, O2 UK, Three 3 UK This is the World’s ONLY permanent Factory Unlocking Solutions for iPhone. Once unlocked, it will never lock back up again, as it becomes a “Factory [More]