This is a video tutorial for jailbreaking and unlocking (Hacktivate) (FREE SIM ) iPhone 4, 3GS, tested on iPhone 3GS New-bootrom with Base Band (Modem Firmware) 06.15.00 by using Sn0wbreeze download sn0wbreeze here: download iOS here:
iPhone 4s iOS 7.1 WiFi problem Fixed!(Greyed Out/Disabled) Manage to fix WiFi problem with the hairdryer and freezer method! THIS IS NOT A JOKE! This really works ———————————————————————————————– Follow me on instagram!
help please…. if anyone know how to fix this glitch/ bug please message me ___________________________ How to Fix iPhone 4s WiFi Disabled problem
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Fix iPhone 4s disabled ,disactivated problem Download itune : How to enter DFU mode : Plug your device into your computer Turn off the device by holding the Sleep/Wake or Power button and swiping it off Hold the power button for 3 seconds Begin holding the Home button without releasing [More]