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diego fernandez says:

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eimar hasani says:

this serial key did not work 🙁

Marcussss says:

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A. Twain says:

I recommend using *Unlock-Phone (.org)*
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Tina Hua says:

would this work for the iphone 5s?

Dennis Rotterfield says:

Yeh, online based unlocker is

Jesper Taz says:

Guys, go on *iOSMobileUnlock. com*. I tested it and they actually unlocked
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Rob Dunbar says:

i have found an easy and a fast way to unlock my iphone without having
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Logan Dawson says:

No one has said anything about *E-IphoneUnlock*.*com* for unlocking their
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Cloudunlock says:

Its a great video. but cut your thumb nail. it looks disgusting

Daniel Florentz says:
UnlockFreeiPhone . (c) (o) (m)

I recommand everyone this website! I donated 10 euro and they sended me the
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FastnFurious 7 says:

unlockfreeiphone. c o m (write c o m together)
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Very good service, i recommand it!

Maxwell Hernandez says:

i have a iphone 6 on sprint i can unlock too?

Pitt Sandy says:

I spent a lot of time searching on the internet and finally I found great
Just use *Unlock-Phone (.org)* to unlock any Apple device!

Darryl Noguera says:

Works on iphone 5?? Somebody did it??

Floyd Obrien says:

This will show you how to Unlock your iOS device safe
more here:

Luke Harris says:

Thank You !! , FInally a site that isn’t just spam ! everyone should use ) and not
listen to the other spam

DarkEagle 87 says:

Found you a free unlocker *This Software*
works great
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Courtney Meunier says:

This guy is worried about unlocking his phone more than cutting his

Yinghong Qin says:

You can now unlock your phone for free use this :

Tyler Sellars says:

You can now unlock your phone for free use this :

John Chase says:

wat about verizon 5c

Ahmad Zaki Ibrahim says:

Thanks, its work for me

Timon! и denchik says:

пидорас не русский

Gee Saysombath says:

Would this work for the 5c

giovani garcia says:

spam again!!!!!

Darin Lemaire says:

Is this demo for a permanent unlock. Will iTunes still work?

Eduardo Ito says:


Krisline Calipes says:

What did you use in the computer?

Tarka Beatrix says:

For all having any difficulty unlocking AT&T phones, all that’s necessary
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Wlodek Kurbiel says:

all guys here can write english or don’t know what FREE means all
unlocking site you have to pay pay pay

Jason Carlson says:

Make money unlocking iphones for users with *247 Unlocker Software* i use
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muaaz says:

doesnt work fr me :/

Andre Lakkis says:

Unlocked mine at sparqcell. com fot 5 bucks and it was done same day….
This guy is a rip off

Amanda Beale says:

Does this method work on iPhone 6 plus ? 

sask oo says:

doesn’t work total bullshit

Rayan Abazid says:

I unlocked mine at sparqcell. com for 5 bucks and they did it same day….
This guy is a rip off

Yova Lobran says: this is better..!!

Keshav Baheti says:

The only free unlocker is its free


no entendi.

Boriss Pilin says: is a SCAM!!!

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