How to Bypass an iPhone 3GS/4/4S/5 Password Lock

If you have an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad you’ve forgotten your password then you can find yourself locked out permanently. This is incredibly frustrating when you just want to be able to play in with your new device.
If you’re a user and you’ve forgotten your four digit pin number, the video below will walk you through the process in no time flat.

This trick is easy and will help you to get your phone operational again in no time. There’s a lot of walkthroughs for the iPhone 6 and 6+, so this one can help you with your slightly older models.

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Mike Brachten says:

Craig K. : Take a screenshot and the screen should stay on.

Taniqua Litt says:

Do you have to have an apple computer

Quransokool Cannon says:

does it still work 

AggieGamerPro says:


Fresh Fly Fonzo says:

Is the iphone real

Hunter Mckay says:

Thank you

joemama flint says:

Do I have to put 911

murtaza kamal says:

it will wor
k on 7.1.1

rayon mcbean says:

This ID amazing I love it.

Craig K. says:

I noticed that at the end, when you release the pwr button, it goes dark.
Is this a permanent way to bypass and reset the password lock

Sandra Styles says:

The commercial though

Karla Oblea says:


roberto perez says:

thats hot

Dominique King says:

thank u

Luke Morris says:

Does this unlock iPhone4 so you can use a different network sim?

legocoolguy says:

Does it work on ios 6.0? or only on 6.1 6.1.1 and 6.1.2?

Mike Brachten says:


Mike Brachten says:

Everybody please read previous comments if you have a question, this may
contain the answer. Otherwise feel free to comment and I’ll answer 🙂

jamin ben says:

it does not work for 6.1.3 in iphone ,it allow me to go into the contact
but 1 sec, it goes back again to the emergency call even though im still
holding the button

Mike Brachten says:


bramajax19 says:

je bent nederlands kan ik horen en je naam :p

Ronald Joseph San Diego says:

If I am going to use your method, does it erases the data I want to keep
like contacts, messages, pictures, files and applications? Can you go to
the homescreen to acces the applications as well? Specially, will this help
to reset the passcode you forgot?

Kathryn Anderson says:

How can u tell if your phone is 6.1.3 & stuff?

Mike Brachten says:

That’s correct.

Sequoia LavalleeYellowhair says:

Does this work on iOS 7 ???????????

scootchsole says:


xEpTICSHOTZz says:

I watched a version of this in Spanish

Mike Brachten says:

There is a hole in it! you need to do something with Voice Control, but I
won’t show that because I use Siri, not voice contol =D

Mike Brachten says:

It does work in America, it has nothing to do with in which country you
live in -,-

Mike Brachten says:

When your iPhone has iOS 6.1.3 unfortunally not. When it has 6.1.2 or
lower, yes.

Mike Brachten says:

I think it’ll work for 6.0 too, you should try it out to see 😉

Marlena Pegula says:

That doesn’t work in America

auxmike says:

Never dial 911 unless its an emergency, they follow up on every call!

Olie Brown says:


Mike Brachten says:

You actually have to disconnect before it actually connects, it takes about
3 seconds to really start the call! (Dial 112 when you are more comfortable
with it)

Joshua Amistoso says:

You could get screwed bad if you dont press end call in time

Yuri C says:

@jamin ben no shit if you looked at the update notes of 6.1.3 you would see
that they fixed it.

Mike Brachten says:

Nope. Sorry.

Alec Dakota says:

That was really harassing for me to talk to you guys… (

gustavo cebreros says:

or you can just press # 4x

z6viLVids says:

This unlocked my iPhone 4 for free! Glad I didnt have to pay! (:

iLoVeFc BaRcA says:

En als je daarna de power butten loslaat? Komt de code weer terug?

CQMC Studios says:

You know they’s a reply button…

Gabriel Gluhak says:

Hahaha nice

pwnuwanprasanga says:

superb video

Mike Brachten says:

But yes it doesn’t work for 6.1.3 anymore! 🙁

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