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FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM!!!: @joeabate_ Quick video explaining what iPhone 4 owners around the US have to do in order to get an OFFICIAL unlock from AT&T. This is for iPhone 4 owners that are out of contract (AT&T). For people like myself who use another service like T-Mobile, this is the solution! It works on ANY baseband, including 4.11.08 or 4.12.01. Once you get this type of unlock on your device you will NEVER have to worry about losing the unlock or updating to a certain baseband. This is a factory unlock and lasts forever without the need of any hardware/software modifications! To find out your IMEI number dial *#606# in your iPhone and a code will pop up. If you have any questions feel free to comment or message me and I will get back to you! Best of luck unlocking!=]

**UPDATE** Once your iPhone 4 is unlocked on T-Mobile, follow the steps in the link provided below to get your Cellular Data and MMS settings configured for the T-Mobile network!!

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Joe Abate says:


Lyndon John Villanueva says:

can this tutorial unlock softbank carrier iphone 4 version 5.1.1 and has a
baseband 4.12.1?please reply

Phillip Langstaff says:

ha cute vid

ash lej says:

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Naga Q says:

How to unlock iphone 4 32 GB from japan softbank? Please Help !!

FuriedHearts says:

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Monse IMPACTO says:

can u unlock my phone please

IlIIIlllIIll says:

i’ve got mine unlocked through iTunes restoration, after i spoke to a rep
on the phone. The two years contract on the iphone must be up, and your
current monthly balance must be zero in order to get you the unlock
request. whatever they do on their end you don’t know, but you don’t get
any codes. they tell you connect to the iTunes and restore your iPhone.
after restoration is done, the system will prompt you “congratulations your
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Ibrahim Lee says:

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Benard Kadima says:

does this work on any other carrier other than at$t

Martin Rogers says:

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James Riddick says:

What if the iPhone is blacklisted

Ababacar Sadikh Diallo says:

moi aussi

Jose A says:

Hey joe thanks for u video 🙂 I called AT&T costumer care and there told i
have to be the real owner on the iphone and there can check if eligibility
for a factory unlock

Roberto Tavars says:

Does it need to be a prepaid sims card or can I just use the sim from my

soundsensing says:

Get factory unlock at FreshUnlock. com

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