how to reset on iphone 4 passcode

The iPhone 4 came out at a crucial time with quite significant updates as presented by Steve Jobs in the annual Apple Conference. It’s design was totally changed, processor upgraded and Retina Display introduced. However a key issue users face is the inability to reset their passcode when they lose it. Fortunately the video below shows you how to do that.

The only unfortunate part is that you will lose all your data. However that is better than not having a phone you can use to play and surf the web.

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elvina mulyani says:

why you take time so fast. I must wait for 9hours.. Damn

JoeyFlowtv says:

i love u so much thanks bro i subbed and liked

itachi blood says:

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Sonya Nevile says:

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joseph says:

thank you MR :)

bradkim reed says:

this really works… i had a iphone 4 i passcode locked it but now all i
have to do is go into itunes and redo all my stuff

Khristianna Barresi says:

I think I messed it up 0-0 it wont turn back on

Nakisha Overton says:

Thank you. Video was very helpful

Galad Ali says:

you saved me THANKS.

Alysia Aguilar says:

You are an amazing MOTHER FUCKER i’ll tell you that WHOOO HOOOOOO you made
my NIGHT!!!!

harry akhil says:

super brain superrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Tee Gee says:

Thanks so much. This was very, very helpful. Thanks again!

davidjovanovik says:

thank u soo much appreciate the help

Moyses Bahig says:

Thank you this video helped me a lot

PuPu Marster says:

my wont go more than 1% it do not move

Sittie Eyy Ü says:

hey you fucking shit son of a dog your a first timer and your succesful 3:/
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BigBlueBunny Furry says:


Raj Narasimha says:

which virsion of itunes u are using ph suddenly restarts and d process
stops after 1 hr.
plz help me.
i forgo d password of my phone

arif hossain says:


Jennifer Zamora says:

do u have to have a iTunes account o do this nd wen u restore ur phone do u
still have the old pics before it disabled

Lj Reed says:

i cant even see it

the almightyjuke says:

my itunes says to allow access, please respond on your iphone and the
iphone says connect to itunes please help

Ernesto Sanchez says:

Damn it actually worked bro

20 Percent Club says:

good stuff matie

marathonman092 says:

nice accent dude

Lili Nguyen says:

Thank you so much :)

Mad silva Drifter says:

Thank you so much 

Kiaya Lindsey says:

my phone is so damn slow!

Joseph Sheppard says:

thanks mane 

Yemisi Obe says:

worked great for me. Thank you 

Alekos A. Garcia says:

it worked !!
thank you

Maricar Miranda says:

wow im really amazed,thank you so much for this video i finally open my
thank you thank you thank you:))

Khanita Yotharit says:

Fantastic thank you so much,it worked for me :-)

Tony Jazz says:

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Premacy-x says:

Do you need icloud password?

Kalman Zsamboki says:

Thanks, buddy! I really, really appreciated the assistance!I Must of looked
at 5 videos? We need you!!!!

Caleb Bryant says:

The worst video ever! lol

Doug Asker says:

This is fake, it does not work

Amy Campbell says:


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Willie Jarryd says:

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robin evans says:

Hi thanks for vido mate

tyler bates says:

You sound like that guy from vine

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