How to Unlock Any iPhone 5, 5s, 5c, 4s or 4 – Official!

This video will talk you through the process of unlocking any iPhone model from 5 and back. This process will let you unlock your iPhone and then use it with whichever carrier you like in the world. This way, you can be free to change to another contract without having to get rid of your phone which in turn means you can enjoy better rates and also means you can sell or give your phone to someone else.

Just follow the steps outlined in the video below and you’ll be getting the most from your device in no time!

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iphoneosunlock says:

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iphoneosunlock says:

Guys, we are sure you got planty of questions.
please use the FAQ first, everything is down there 🙂
Happy Unlocking

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jammy jam says:

Can it unlock sprint phones? 

iphoneosunlock says:

More than 1.2M views and 100% happy customers!
follow the instruction video and unlock your iPhone to any service provider
If you have any kind of problem please use our 24/7 live support team on
our website! they are just waiting for you guys.
We are doing the best we can to give you the best service.
iPhoneosunlock Team :)

Ana Kh. says:

+iphoneosunlock I received confirmation email, plugged in my phone to
iTunes but iTunes did not do anything. help? please?

Jonathan Garcia says:

Does this work with black listed iPhones also or no

Gerardo Olmeda says:

how are u doing i paid the money for yall to unlock my phone and i got the
confirmation email saying it was unlocked but when i plug my phone to
itunes no msg pops up saying congrat your phone has been unlocked whats
going on????? plz help

Dave Blair says:

how come AT&T is the only carrier that appears for U.S.? 

yovani huerta says:

how can i unlock an iPhone 5 with no SIM card and not knowing the password

Sultan Rivaldi Rizal says:

Hi Bro can You Help Me Unlock My iphone 5S Factory Unlock 

eddie pullar says:

does this work for iPhone 5c

Darrius Bryan says:

iTunes isn’t noticing my phone was requested to be unlocked

Imran Mohammed says:

Wtf $60 to unlock a phone…

Benjamin Thomas says:

Good and honest customer service

Itz Levit Grande says:

I payed to unlock my iphone 5 and my email says it’ll take 1-10 business
days to get the code. Is this normal?

Alberto Piketee says:

i have a question how many days take to you to Factory Unlock iphone 5s of
at&t ?? because i need my phone Factory Unlock ASAP !! ??????????????

wddwm2012 says:

Does this still work ? I have an iphone 4 which is at&t. What if i reset
the iphone 4 would it stay unlock? need help pls.

Hashim Ali says:

do we have to pay for this!!!! please reply

Ana Belmontes says:

If the phone is unlocked does is log out of an itunes account ?

alex Haas says:

my iphone 4s unlocked, great work boys…. thanks…………

julia madison says:

i have found an interesting site which helped me to activate my iphone. it
was very simple. all i had to do was to enter on Iphoneservice,org and
follow the steps.
it helped me without any problems. i guarantee for it , i hope this site
will help you :*

Miguel Santana says:

My iPhone 5s from ATT in under a contract can I still unlock it?

Oshane Bowra says:

hey i need help my iphone hasnt been unlocked all now and its been sooo
long from the 26th of november and its december now help please.. i request
some assistance on the site and all now i havent got any reply

Pablo Feliz says:

do you have another cupon code?

farith el says:

how to much for unlock

Anthony Dujmovic says:

works like a charm…took only several hours

wilson huang says:

Does it work with iphone 6

360couchtomato says:

Does this unlock T mobile iPhones?

Brian Crawford says:
Sereen Hope says:

Do you take out the sim card before you unlock your phone or will that even

loooa says:

Worked without any problems

Pramish Luitel says:

What is the Order means How to perform it please help me 

Destiny Arrechea says:

Hey i bought a iPhone 5 for someone but they didnt tell me they didnt
finished paying for the phone so t mobile blocked it so no i have no
service is there anything i could do??? Plasz help! 

Teta Patika says:

Can I use this method to unlock a lost iphone 5 from Srint?

Devin Christian says:

can anybody tell me if this really work no bs 

Ikram Khan says:

hi i want to bypass my iphone 5s bought a phone frm a guy but stuck in
apple id activation.i asked the guy abt apple id he said i dnt knw:)

kevin says:

Does it work with the iPhone 5s

Arturo Bolanos says:

What if someone icloud is still logged in the phone

The Flash says:

can you do this while still under a 2 year contract, or will it void
somthing and cause problems?

Declan Johnson says:

I am getting an iphone 5c from a friend who has sprint. I need to unlock to
at&t. Will this video do what i need?

Randy Hook says:

hi sir i hav reset my iphone 4s and after reset it is tell me to activate
,and asking to insert sim but it not activating please help if any buddy

Aborted fetus says:

if i do this to a lost phone can i connect to any service?

Artie Negreteartie says:

Does it work for sprint?

Yuvraj Sethia says:

i have an iphone 2g in activation lock.How do i type in my code? do i use
the emergency dial? tried that and it didn’t work…

Brandon Quihuis says:

hmm guess it doesnt work with ntelos :(

**rajahi** says:

I don’t know what kind I have canon I get some help

purplemoonlight1356 says:

does the iPhone need a sim card in it to be unlocked?

Priyank Sharma says:

R u not doing USA sprint Iphone 5? bocs i went to your site but cant found
USA sprint carrier, if u r doing than let me know how much r u charging and
how long it will take time?

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