How to Unlock an iPhone 3G, 4S, 5 or 5S on AT&T Verizon T-Mobile

Want to get a very cheap iOS device?

Go to a second hand store that sells electronics and look for a device that is still locked to another network. These devices sell for a lot cheaper because not as many people can buy them.

But here’s the trick – you can buy them anyway because they can be easily unlocked!

This video provides easy instructions on how to unlock your device… using no other than iTunes itself. This will help to unlock your device and the video makes the process very easy.

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Kushimoto Yaksa says:

Do you have to put in a different carrier sim card in your phone in order
to unlock your device? I try to unlock my iPhone 4 but I just use my
current carrier (AT&T) sim card and after I restore it won’t show me the
message that my iPhone was unlock.


Does this resource work for Sprint iPhone 4S running on version 6.1.3?

iphoneinstantunlock says:

Thank you everyone for share the issues and solutions here.

jjmv99 says:

thanks for the info smokingsuns

Jhon Ceballos says:

You guys unlock iphone 4s ver6.0.1 (sprint ) ?

Romel Cuadra says:

i bought my iphone from a mate but will it still work, like do i need
anything in particular to unlock it?

thong1988us says:

It’s working. Thanks a lot guys :))))

denver720303 says:

Dont pay for this service.. they couldnt unlock my phone despite having my
money for 5 days…

iphoneinstantunlock says:


MrVippro12ify says:

Your work is absolutely awesome1

iphoneinstantunlock says:

Please do not submit spam every SPAM will be removed within minutes as we
track our videos everyday to make sure it will be clean without SPAM.

MrVippro12ify says:

You should really stop making youtube videos.. you’re too good 😛

stiki mari says:

awesome video man

Brian Skulski says:

so are you protecting yourself from not being able to unlock the iphone?

loi bluebellinbloom says:

Awesome video…Thanks for sharing

iphoneinstantunlock says:

the unlock process time frame is depend on the service you selected you can
get the phone unlock in 24 or 6 hours or even 10 min it’s all depend on the
service you choose.

Fatbardh Bajraktari says:

Great !!!! You`re perfect for this work<3 <3 <3

ankeda100 says:

dude this channel is soooooo awesome!!!!!

Ruben Blanco says:

Activation mode*

Ruben Blanco says:

That first phone was already unlocked because it would have gone into
citation mode with the tmobile SIM card if it were locked this guy is full
of shit!!!

Andrew Robinson says:

The fastest unlocking site I have ever used for ATT stuff is
attiphoneunlocking, never took them more than 2 hours to unlock my phones.

xem giai tri says:

i ? this video.

Sal Gutierrez says:

does the iphone 4s have to be on internet to be unlocked?

tung nguyen says:

Me gusta this video

ut phin says:

Dude I ? your videos so much.

hao nam tieu says:

Nice Videos? man, never stop please 🙂

MrRick1192 says:

What can I still do this if the iphone is in its start-up mode? Like if it
was fresh out of the box.

kas progrez says:


iphoneinstantunlock says:

Please do not spam the channel all messages that SPAM will be remove

annie james says:

I never had any problems with them. Their number is on their page and they
always answered my text messages. I’ve done tons with them. I don’t think
you have even placed with them before. Quit talking shit on sites that you
haven’t even done business with.

kas progrez says:

fun fun

Kathy Camp says:

For phones that still have a contract?

iphoneinstantunlock says:

to complete the process you need to put different sim card then your
original provider

Prasad Bangalore says:

100% working …. I got my Iphone got unlocked

Elmo Babiee says:

i just wanted to know how to hack the Paascode but never mind

iphoneinstantunlock says:

this process not required any unlock code please check our video so you can
understand the process before saying bad things here.

Romel Cuadra says:

does this work for Australia optus?

yamaha1160 says:

i thumbs up this video

iphoneinstantunlock says:

you can buy unlocked phone then is not required to be unlocked and if you
order phone that is locked then you need to complete the unlock process

Riley Weston says:

If anyone wants to unlock ATT devices, go check out attiphoneunlocking,
took me only 2 hours to unlock my new 5.

iphoneinstantunlock says:

thank you for being honest 🙂

George Howell says:

This didn’t work for my new phone. It took a lot of time to fix it, and it
never worked in the end. Found and it worked perfectly.
Check it out.

Kathy Camp says:

Will it work if there is still a contract on it?

Brandy rising says:

will this work if you want to unlock a verizon iphone to work on virgin?
there are no sim cards, is the process the same?

iphoneinstantunlock says:

We are sorry but we cannot give our service for free if you can get it for
free then good for you and good luck

iphoneinstantunlock says:

this is remote unlock by imei number of the phone this method is very safe
and you can update your phone with the latest version without any issue

Accord Panaligan says:

There is NO WAY!!!! Should I pay $11 buck just to unlock my phone I can do
it for free.

Malu Chak says:

very good. and i liked it.

Roberto Terrazas says:

I dont have any access to the menu, im on the screen were its just
starting, were it ask me for the LENGUAGUE,COUNTRY OR REGION, WI-FI, than
it says ACTIVATION ERROR. please help is there any way I can get it
working. I dont have access to my 16 digit number. HELP.

mous Inla says:


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