How to Unlock iPhone 4 4s 5 – Apple’s Factory Unlock any iOS 5 6 7

Unlock your iPhone 4 / 4s / 5 / 5s / 5c with the only legal unlock method in the market today ! The factory unlock method is the surest way of freeing your device from the grasp of all the network locks. Once unlocked, your phone is permanently free from any network caps and you can use your device on any mobile network in the entire world! This factory unlock method helps restore the phone to its unique new state . You will not be dissapointed for sure!

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iphoneosunlock says:

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iphoneosunlock says:

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iphoneosunlock says:

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iphoneosunlock says:

Dear customers,
Few months ago it took us less than a day to unlock AT&T iPhones, this days
because of AT&T servers it might takes few days, so please be patient and
wait for our unlock confirmation email.
in any case we won’t be able to unlock your iPhone for any reason, we will
give a FULL refund!
Thank you for understanding,
iPhoneOsUnlock Team :)

iphoneosunlock says:

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thurm101 says:

I want to unlock att to tmobile.

iphoneosunlock says:

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Slater Parker says:

Will it work with a sprint sim card

Wagner Almeida says:

i have a phone from UK its T mobile but there is not T mobile on the list
for UK can i use another country?

Darrius Bryan says:

I love you :)

Janette Anguiano says:

does this really work I’m trying to unlock my iPhone 5 for att to use on

iphoneosunlock says:

Guys, we are sure you got planty of questions.
please use the FAQ first, everything is down there 🙂
Happy Unlocking

Bryan Mendoza says:

So please PLEASE reply to this. How do I know that that iPhone webiste
works and is actually secure. Please give me proof i dont wanna get freaked

Raj D SHARMA says:

can u unlock sprint phones

Maricel Milite says:

Perfect work done by you guys.

iphoneosunlock says:

AT&T is not working again and the processing time got shorter 🙂
New Coupon Code: LACBS4
Happy Unlocking

Luis Larranaga says:

this works if i live in mexico? My iphone is AT&T

GmcDually Diesel says:

If my phone is black listed will this unlock get rid of it and it will be

Yesca253 says:

Will I Have To Restore My iPhone 5?

Ellie Hilscher says:

Wait what does unlocking do…?

Ihacker sg says:

When I put the network it only has AT&T in usa , and mine is virgen mobile
. If I put it under the Australia virgen does it work???
Because I live in us.

Rita Weinstein says:

Does it Work for a sprint iPhone 4s with ios 8.1.1 ?

Gabton says:


Arentz Menard says:

does it still work?

Johnny Sros says:

i did it and my iphone still is not unlocked

JEHda1st says:

As of now whats the processing time for AT&T iPhone 5?

loooa says:

Wonderful! working great, thank you iphoneosunlock

one rcd says:

dude THANK YOU SP FREAKIN MUCH!!!!!!!!! i bought a iphone but it had lock
and i barly found this video and damn thanks!!! GREAT VIDEOOOO DUDE!!!!!

Nathalie Martin says:

why can’t we unlock for canadian phones?

Efren Cimafranca says:

Can We unlock Iphone 4s SMart Philippines?

Kal A says:

It’s been 7 days I’m still waiting 🙁

John Mitchell says:

How long does this take for a 4s with Telstra Australia?

Kyle Gorsky says:

my iphone has an MEID ???

WooRSte says:

where are you from originaly?

Edas12 Gamer says:

Do you have to pay to get it unlocked?

issa nsier says:

there is no Sweden option in the choose network selection tho :/ any ideas
what to do ? 

anna f says:

Hi, the coupon code is not working plus $69 is a bit steep

alex Haas says:

Very helpful guys , Thank you so much guys ;-)

incarnadinae says:

How long is this supposed to take? In the video it says 3-5 hours, and on
the actual page it’s 1-10 days. What is the actual time frame I can

Shashank Shekhar says:

Do I have to insert the “AT&T” sim card as well to get my “iPhone 4”

Frempong Obed says:

pease someone help me unlock my iphone 4s with serial number 87037EET4S
and imei 012426004288570

Edwin Fleeboii says:

i cant find the choice for sprint

autobotras says:

i didn’t get the message that it’s unlocked

mike mcc says:

will this work on an iphone 4s that was brought over from canada to
britain,i went to a couple of shops in uk and they said they couldnt unlock
the phone because it was on a canadian network

lexa zupalap says:

hi, will it work if im in the UK??

eddy onyango says:

hi you do you have an option for unlocking iphone 5c Tmobile from the usa?

Toukir Ahmed says:

japan softbank 32gb iphone4 possible? +iphoneosunlock 

mrrager9 says:

Will this work on iOS 7.1.1?

Bianca Fernandez says:

I didn’t get a confirmation message through iTunes saying my phone was
unlocked. So it didn’t work?

Grace Garcia says:

what if this is from japan? Soft bank..

alex says:

hi there im from ph i want to unlocked my 4s tanx

Jonalyn Libao says:

Hi I’m from Philippines and I want to unlock my iPhone 4S.

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