How to Unlock iPhone 4 4S with iTunes – Factory Unlock Without Jailbreak

To Factory Unlock your iPhone 4 or 4s means to use it with any other carrier or network. This task can be done in many ways, but a lot of people prefer to do it without a jailbreak. Also we show you in the video below, how this can be achieved without even using Apple’s prime software called iTunes. After watching, you will be able to use your iPhone 4 or 4s with any worldwide carrier. All you will need to perform this task is your iPhone(ofcourse)  and a USB cable which comes standard with all apple devices.

On behalf of JailBreaksiPhones we thank you for watching the video below. Please feel free to share this post or comment below if you like or have questions on the instructional video.

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Marissa Fallow says:

Im getting a iphone 4 on friday from some guy and its not unlocked so what.
Would i do 

Wlodek Kurbiel says:

to expensive site

harris aslam says:

I have an iphone 4 and i use to be on contract to tesco mobile they were my
network but not anymore i have no sim in there and i want to get a giff
gaff pay as you go. Is my phone locked or can i use giff gaff with no

MohagiTech says:

If it already locked the iphone so how can I know the IMEI ?

kikikiki kikikiki says:

Too expensive !!!!

Sheila Folan says:

Im not getting the unlock message? 

Cuteloiza DIY says:

How to factory unlock iPhone 4s in a jailbroken device?

Manisha Shrestha says:

does this work if i am still on a contract? The contract expires on
dec2014??? plz help

alex Haas says:

I got my phone unlock ,,,,support guys are really helpful…..:-)

vuthy hong says:

I live in Cambodia, so How can I choose on network for unlock my iPhone ?

Jevin Wilson says:

Do you need the original carrier SIM card

Maria Nikolaeva says:

Thanks but my phone is from Singapore and it does not appear in this
website. What should I do?

Ashley Burchell says:

Haha, its cheaper to go to the actual network. No thanks.

lutdwing viera says:

Telus is not on the drop down menu under “Network”

James Brennan says:

Any New Coupon Codes!

mason mincey says:

i dont have an apple computer so can i still do this

subash sunuwar says:

does it work for every country

Barry Johnson says:

how can i find out wa my iphone 4s is

Philip Brandt says:

Does it cost money??

Martin Kulhánek says:

Any way how i can find out to which service provider is iP blocked?

Grega Repnik says:

What if my network provider is not on the list?

Brad McCarthy says:

Does doing this wipe my phone and delete all my contacts and apps etc.??

belinda agyekum says:

Check out this video on YouTube:

Albrins Kasser says:

where i write the coupon code

Leeston G says:

I have to ask, maybe because i’m a brit…how much pls?? lol

Juan Lopez says:

How much does it cost?

Brenda Alarcon says:

I need sprint

Misa Cosplayer says:

will this work without a sims card?


if I buy an iphone 4s that is locked with b¡verizon, will you be able to
unlock it? Thank you

Shandip Pandey says:

Can this process work other country..?

Sara Bennedbæk Jørgensen says:

And what if it is not necessarily my phone? I have an iphone witch we found
in another country. So i guess it would be in the category of a stolen
phone. Will the feds come busting trough my windows as soon as i connect
the phone? Or something less dramatic? will this video be the way for me to
get to use the phone? 

William Martin says:

wow , it worked , thnxxxx guys

Albrins Kasser says:

where i write the coupon code

Benjamin Thomas says:

Reliable and efficient services 

kikish 24 says:

Is this available for iphone 4 ios 7.1.2 from softbank…
Pls reply soon

jaggerryo27 says:

I order mine but its still unlock .. Dont know how to do it. I payed 12

Diougou says:

mine iphone is locked in Orange UK, I’m in Portugal.. I don’t know which
network will i choose. help me please

frank allin says:

Hi, Thank You For Your Tutorial. Could it be done for the Bell carrier
company as well? 

Cassie Jackson says:

does this way cost money ?

Hiep Le says:

Do you have new coupon code

Jason Ivan says:

On the website i can’t find my network (sprint) and I can’t unlock it

Myhedin MnC says:

Can I unlock my Iphone 4?

Do I need to pay anything?

Any sim Card will be working on it right?

Alex Jimenez says:

How can i get a coupon code????

iphoneosunlock says:

New Coupon Code: MPH0124
15% Off
Happy Unlocking

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