Jailbreaking iOS 6.1.3 for Unlocking iPhone 4, 3GS and fix No Service problem by ultrasn0w

This is a video tutorial for jailbreaking and unlocking (Hacktivate) (FREE SIM ) iPhone 4, 3GS, tested on iPhone 3GS New-bootrom with Base Band (Modem Firmware) 06.15.00 by using Sn0wbreeze
download sn0wbreeze here:

download iOS here:

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Marti Girlf says:

This made my iPhone neverlocked.

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Ibran khan says:

it ‘s work in india ? 

Diamond Aleska says:

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Trü Players: A Generation Connected says:

thanks so much!! i greatly appreciate this

Umana Lauber says:

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Damu Norbert says:

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David Mackenzie says:

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Celie Cordova says:

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Ibran khan says:

i have itunes 11.0.5 but error in restoring.

Blaise Fisher says:

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Hannan Shahid Janjua says:

Itunes gives 3194 error plz help me out

Ricardo Furtado says:

Still no service :

XxTeddyThaGod xX says:

Yesssssss I’ve been Truman fix my phone for the longest holy shirt man good

Husam Mousa says:

nice music

Ticlea Marian says:

I do all correct but I get erro 3194 in Itunes when restore

pruthvi reddy J says:

3194 error please help thanks in advance !

Siddharth Bhagat says:

itunes gives me error 11, even I turned off firewall..or updated itunes..

Donnie Azoff says:

I unlocked my iPhone 5 for free with iosunlocking.com

Jainam Shah says:

Thank u bro.

Jay Gutierrez says:

Can this work in a carrier in the Philippines? Thanks

Jackson Hughes says:

Such a great iphonegeeks.us is for unlocking 5.

Flash Step says:

i have a blank modem firmware & i have iphone 4 GSM custom Ipsw 6.1.3 also
Wi-Fi is greyd out & won’t turn on & blutooth says 00:00:00:00 it was
tethered jailbroken & then apparently they tried to restore one day & got
numerous errors such as (-1) (3194) (1600) etc. anyway i have to use
ibooty.exe just to boot up my phone 🙁 i need help 🙁

Abdelali Najih says:


Willam Parr says:

Things you need to know before you start jailbreaking iOS device.
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Mervan uzun says:

ituness remove eror code (3194) ?*

Roland Kovács says:

Works with iPhone 4???

saddam raju says:

thanks dear.allah bless u

Snoop MedWeed-ek says:

Im have problem…. still telling no service

Kazuto - says:

11:37 what song is that?

Jackson Smith says:

Hi, You could do worse than visit iphonegeeks.us to unlock your iPhone..
such a great site.

mhech dakota says:

Working tutorial from www.JailbreakBj.com ? but i can’t download this file
with survey? what can i do for unlocking my 4s?

POURIA G says:

nice music

SocialFoam says:

Iphone 4 , didn’t work for me , still no fucking service

Matthius Raymond says:

well done

Ioana I. says:

I have the same iPhone 4. If you find a solution please post it! Thanks!!

Kursun Karam says:

stuck on searching…. damn this

nazrin rahman says:

thaks! work on me.

Paul Markevich says:

error 3194 when trying to restore with itunes. what should i do ?

play3r21x says:

I unlocked my iphone for free at iphonegeeks.us and I am very satisfied.

Ариф Алиев says:

Please write name of the songs.

FMA FMAlchemist says:

still no service -.-

mamet karagoz says:

Arabic? I im from Turkey!

daniel lewis says:

do you know any way to downgrade the ios on a iphone 4s cause there arent
any jailbreaks for 6.1.3

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