New trick free Unlock iPhone 4 & 4S with iTunes : No jailbreak

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A simple Iphone 4 and 4S unlocking method without any jailbreak.
Just watch video and follow the step.. For More Detail Visit

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ryebuz says:

not free folks, nothing is free.

NEPAR100 says:

you call 39 dolars free? mother fucker

jayluketa says:

placing the order isn’t free fucktard

Joshua McGradey says:

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raleigh moreno says:

site does not cover usa Verizon

James Hancock says:

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Jb says:

so why does it not work??
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Berry Cardoso says:

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fasika bezabih says:


Mackenzie Grant says:

$100??? thats ludacris

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hey you said this is free but this is not free i see the price 

P.C. FIVEZ says:


Gabbi Buckner says:

Um, your picture of the website doesn’t show a price but the real website
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Daveon St.Claire says:

Fake, tried to charge me 50$…

Seth Walker says:

Hello, thank you, and you’re welcome from me also.

Daniel Walker says:

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Lorraine Thompson says:

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Angel Montano says:

you lien piece of shit this is not free it clearly states in you message
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SkylerRees says:

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David Power says:

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Tami Wilkenfeldt says:

Complete RIP off!!!!!!! What a scam! I am so angry!

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Just one big SCAM!!!!!!!!!!

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Woudy says:

Trust me, all those who claim this is good software, it is not. It is scam.
Including the stupid guys who post serials. Little babies.

maulana says:

I need serial key 247 unlocker
Help me

neil says:

damn yo-yo you said it was free, its not free, cost about 29 dollars and takes up to 2 day s not two hours…. what a jerk

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