SnOwbreeze 6.1.3 Jailbreak for iPhone 4 – Hacktivate

Here at, we love jailbreaking our phones. Well what would you expect with a name like that! Getting access to the Cydia app store is more than enough reason alone to do this and there are many other incentives besides.

This video will show you how to download one quick and easy jailbreaking tool: SnOwbreeze. You won’t find a faster or easier method out there and the software is very good.

Jailbreaking for the first time can be nerve wracking. Watch the video below then to ensure everything goes to plan!

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Riley Gs says:

Hi Dino,
I’m not able to load the snowbreeze firmware in iTunes. Error message: “The
iPhone could not be restored because the frirmware file is not compatible”.
Tried it a few times. Same results. Any idea’s what I can do to resolve it?
Many thnx

seby seby. says:

Hi DinoZambas2 , my iphone 3gs won’t start after the iOS was installed ,
any idea?

Vrylle Vireynato says:

Your’e my HERO ! :’)

FIx games Fl says:

is there anyway to update a iphone 3gs to ios 8

mtthwklly says:

Hi D7, what’s your suggestion for unlocking my iPhone 4S, running on 6.1.3?

edzussx says:

Holy shit, after being pummeled by constant errors for 2 days straight I
finally got my bitch working thanks to this tutorial.

Thomas Baker says:

Is there any unlock for above iPhone 4? 

1011wrestlemania says:

will 11.4 work?

Soramy Sam says:

does it work with iphone 3gs ios 6.1.6?

Prince Shazad says:

Thanx Alott ^_^ 

Kovács Petra says:
syaz iwe says:

+DinoZambas2 how to hactivate for iphone 4s ios 6.1.3?

mitchra sookramsingh says:

my cydia does not have the dev team soruce what to do now?

MrAntuanAntuan says:

i have the same baseband with you. Will it work ? Please answer , thank

Rohit Kumar says:

Thanks for the video!!

Dillman Delgado says:

i keep getting error 3194. i have an iphone 4 trying to jailbrake to ios
6.1.3. I did the exact same thing you did but I keep getting that error

Júlio César Pires says:

you is the best guy!

Davidd Osuna says:

i get itunes error on itines 11.0

That Epic Gamer says:

I keep getting an error upon restoring to the snowbreeze

rankin t says:

need to unlock iphone 4 ios 7.0.4 baseband 04.12.09 can this work ?,,,,,if
not any recommendations.

Paul Meier says:

how can i just add cydia?

rafi samian says:

hi i have tried then when i click shift and left click and pick the ipsw
software, this message appear : the iphone could not be restored because
the firmware is not compatible. please help me. im using ip4 gsm


Hello I all ready did all the steps in the sn0wbreeze but I went to iTunes
and I train to press shift and de right button but is nothing coming on
what can’t I due please helps my !!!!!!! 

Chimerenka Odimba says:

I tried this on my iPhone 4 (GSM) and when I opened iTunes, I got this
message. “The iPhone could not be restored because the firmware file is not
I checked the ios I downloaded and it was the correct one. What can I do?
I used iTunes version 11.02.26

Raymond Valenzuela says:

hi! i have a problem in the DFU part in the itunes. when i choose the
sn0wbreeze_iphone_4-GSM that snowbreeze made. it doesnt proceed to the
next part. it shows a dialog box saying “The Iphone “iPhone” could not be
restored because the firmware file is not compatible”. what should it do?
can anyone help? thanks! =) 

Gabriella Coffie says:

will this work with iTunes 11.2.2

Cole Moran says:

helpi did everything you said and when i press shift+restore it says the
ipod cant be restored at this time because the ipod update server is
unavilable or cannot be contacted

Mister black says:

will it delete my applications that are installed before the jailbreak?

halimaw028 says:

good evening,.i have an unlocked iphone 4 version 4.0.2..i really want to
upgrade the version without using i tunes..can u help me?thanks in advance.

Maron Costes says:

Can i use this method on my iphone 4 baseband 4.10.01 currently on gevey. I
think its locked on O2 carrier. 

Prince CHiNG says:

i have iphone 3gs ver 6.1.3 and 5.16.08 firmware i hactivate it but there
is still no network what will i do? thanks

Shawn Lewis says:

How can i hacktivate ios 7 for iphone 4

Sarah Mitchell says:

Hi, i’ve got an iphone 3gs, new baseband, but every time i try to restore
with ios 6.1.3 i get error 3194 on iTunes, even when i run iREB again, it
keeps happening, is there anything i can do?

Domje says:

Currently trying to unlock/jailbreak an iPhone 4, it’s on 6.1(10B144)
baseband 04.12.05 – Also do you have a video to upgrade it to iOS 7.0 from
this as the shift-click restore won’t work.

Gugarts Animations says:

You think i can Hacktivate my Iphone 4, 6.1.3, Bell, 04.12.05, doing this?
Thank you!

jefferson barretto says:

Hi! is this can also worked for iphone4s? TIA

Kim Song says:

I followed the steps and itunes is telling me that my iphone cannot be
restored because the file is not compatible. I used the right version
(iphone4 GSM 6.1.3, itunes 11.05), and i even tried the CDMA version but
still not working…. Any help? :'( Thanks for the vid btw! 

Stephen Young Alvaran says:

i have ip4 currently locked to softbank japan. can i still unlock carrier?
i am running 6.1.3 with bb 4.12.9 

Rajesh Parmar says:

Hi i got a iphone 3gs which has the new version 6.1.6 and i did everything
you did but when i click select ISPW the “iPhone2,1_6.0_10A403_Restore”
doesn’t come up on my desktop and i did save it on my desktop 

Alan Wang says:

I did it and went through everything in the video but it gave me the error
code 3194. I am using iTunes 11.04.

CrazyPlays says:

does it work for ios 6.1.6 ?

Kentaro Gosiaoco says:

i like your accent dude :)

Md.Anisur Rahman says:

othing come up when I press shift + left mouse key

nash shetty says:

iTunes does not respond when i press shift+left mouse button on
restore…please help me 

gil cuizon says:

got 5.16.08 baseband iv used snowbreeze to jailbreak my iphone 3gs ios
6.1.3.the prob the unltrasnow doesnt suport this baseband. need help to get
a signal for my iphone

Kuba W says:

No i cannot restore because software is not compatible

Michleer1 says:

Does it works on IPhone 4s 6.1.3 ??

MarkoRF1 says:

Can you please help. I’m stuck in building ipsw, it stucked on Adding
Custom Boot Logos?!? Can you help me?

parham safarian says:

hey dude! I have a new BR iphone 3gs, 6.1.3, which i have hacktivated
through your video. the baseband is 6.15.00… i am not getting any signal
after installing ultrtasn0w, i have tried to downgrade the baseband via
redsn0w through another video of yours, but it keeps getting stuck in ”
waiting for reboot” …. what should i do? 

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