Unlock iPhone (UK) | How to Factory Unlock iPhone 3G, 3Gs, 4, 4S, 5 Vodafone, 3 Three, O2 UK

– #1 iPhone Unlocking. Permanent Factory Unlock iPhone 3G / 3Gs / 4 / 4S / 5 from Vodafone UK, O2 UK, Three 3 UK

This is the World’s ONLY permanent Factory Unlocking Solutions for iPhone. Once unlocked, it will never lock back up again, as it becomes a “Factory Unlocked iPhone”

100% Guaranteed!

Unlock all iPhone Models including:

Unlock iPhone 3G
Unlock iPhone 3GS
Unlock iPhone 4
Unlock iPhone 4S
Unlock iPhone 5

Unlock United Kingdom Carriers such as:

Unlock Vodafone UK iPhone
Unlock 3 Three UK iPhone
Unlock O2 UK iPhone

*Note Pricing and Processing time will vary depending on Carrier.

*Note if your iPhone is not listed here, please contact us first to see if it is supported.

iPhone Unlocking Instructions:

1. Press *#06# to find your iPhone’s IMEI number
2. Place your order at
3. Once finished processing you will receive and email from us saying “Actived” or “Active”.
4. Now do the following below:

– Then, install last version of iTunes
– Make sure your itunes is the latest verision
– Connect phone to iTunes with not accepted (not valid) simcard
– Wait until itunes detects phone
– Now disconnect your iPhone and then reconnect after 10 seconds.
– Phone Unlocked.

5. Your iPhone is factory Unlocked!

NOTE : This is the only “lifetime” unlock solution for Apple iPhone as the IMEI is registered as “Unlocked” in Apple database. Your phone will always be unlocked even after each new update of your phone firmware!

To get your UK iPhone Factory Unlocked you can place your order here:

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Makerio says:

Iphone 4 Vodafone UK, can you unlock it?

Kei Kei says:

I have an iPhone 4S locked to 02 UK can it be unlocked to orange UK

Subhakar Khadka says:

I have an iPhone 4 locked with Orange at UK. How can I unlock it?

mssYOUkiss says:

but if my iphone are in the blacklist, what happen then? its working too?

HappinessWay says:

i phone 4s from ireland
can u unlock it

Aqsa Khawaja says:

And does this work in Canada?

Saprollah says:

Can you unlock iPhone 4 locked on Vodafone UK.

Aqsa Khawaja says:

Will your phones memory be deleted ??

Daniel Biñalizo says:

What if it says in the Carrier “Not Available” how can I identify it?

Munch Kim says:

i was on orange then it changed to EE is that available?

Cellunlocker.net says:

hi there is your iPhone factory unlocked? if it isn’t, and you update it,
it may brick your device. If you factory unlock it, and update it, it will
not effect anything on your iphone

patrick verloop says:

hi , can you unlock iphone 4 16g , locked by orange uk?

Cellunlocker.net says:

sorry not at this time, that method is currently down

Cellunlocker.net says:

yes we have unlocked thousands of att iphones 🙂

Cellunlocker.net says:

sorry orange uk is not available at this time

Cellunlocker.net says:

sorry no 3 UK at this time

raylyd says:

how about a 3gs with o2 network cant find it on your website?

Cellunlocker.net says:

yes we have that options now 🙂

Cellunlocker.net says:

hi there vodafone uk we can unlock, but you will need to check with the
carrier you wish to use if it will be compatible on their network

Cellunlocker.net says:

Hi there you can save all your data on itunes, and then do a restore. This
is not 100% necessary, but it might be a good idea to do so before factory

Cellunlocker.net says:

I’m sorry its not supported yet

Faizan Mehmood says:

hey hello !!! i am in pakistan is there anyway that i can unlock my phone

Cellunlocker.net says:

yes you can we have done many before

Brian Oloya says:

can you unlock T-moble UK

Natalija Bagašvili says:

Its possible to unlock iphone 4 T-mobile UK?

clarebabes says:

I can’t select UK Orange on your website, is this not available now?

Cellunlocker.net says:

you mean you are not sure which carrier the phone is locked to?

Cellunlocker.net says:

sorry tmobile uk is temporarily down, please check back in a week or two

Merkaaahh says:

Iphone 5 EE

Cellunlocker.net says:

sorry that method is currently down

WestIsOnFire says:

Do you offer this service for THREE 3 UK on an iphone 4?

inot1105 says:

hi cellunlockernet, i’m in Taiwan, & i bought an iphone4 locked to US AT&T,
(with version 5.0.1, & modem firmware 04.11.08) do you have unlock codes
for this? … thanks in advance. BR & God bless.

khalil DAOUDI says:

i have a Iphone 4S orange france … is it possible?

Jonathan A. Claros Santander says:

Hi, can you unlock 3 Hutchison ?

ExHaleClanAccount says:

can i unlock my iPhone 3gs Orange(UK) to 3(UK) ???

fassyfas says:

can u unlock iphone 4 tmobile uk

Cellunlocker.net says:

sorry we do not offer this service for Three UK at this time

ln102ly says:

hi can you unlock i phone 4s on orange network thanks

Nick Rulz says:

does this work if it is blocked?

Cellunlocker.net says:

sorry if the carrier is not listed we cannot unlock it

Cellunlocker.net says:

what network is it locked to?

kez2009 says:

What if it has been on a contract, can it still be unlocked?

NewMus1cHits says:

can you unlock iphone 4s o2 uk,its in black list thnx

neil j says:

can i unlock uk tmobile orange iphone 5??

joe valentine says:

Hi are you guys able to unlock a blacklisted/blocked iphone 4s vodafone
ireland carrier?

Hiimhubi11 says:


Cellunlocker.net says:

hi there, that you will need to check with your provider thanks

Cellunlocker.net says:

sorry orange uk is down at this time, please check back in a couple of weeks

Tom McCann says:

If I have a jailbroken unlocked iPhone 3GS on iOS 3.1 what should u do
before paying for your service?

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