Unlocking iPhone 4 using SAM

I made this tutorial to help you for Unlocking iPhone 3Gs , 4 , 4s using SAMPref.
Now you do not need to have Gevey in your iPhone.
You can unlock your iPhone by watching this tutorial.

Thank you for watching

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chanc leal says:

says stocktification failure? help

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kade liversidge says:

my iphone wont download anything on cydia whats the problem

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Walter Lee says:

sam unlocks 4,4s, 5, etc,etc,etc.

Walter Lee says:

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Dave Gee says:

clicked deactivate and phone is now bricked. wont let me re-activate it.
just displays invalid SIM, even when there’s no SIM in. IOS 7.0.4. Help!

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have a i phone 5 on ios 7 will it work help plzz !!!!!

Joe 'DnB' Benton says:

Anyone got a working one for iOS 7.1.2? My carrier are refusing to unlock
my phone because I haven’t been with them for 6 months+. iPhone 4 (Not 4s)
BaseBand: 04.12.09. Cheers.

Luiz Pelaez says:

hello, I can’t get past “de-activate” will not allow me to revert, could
you please help me out here, thanks
iPhone 2 ios 7

Honey Grace Lim says:

not work on ios 7.0.4??
reply please :(

Daniel Smith says:

Wondering if it’ll work with ios 7, any suggestions??

Adnane Benbaha says:

doe this work for ios 6.1.3 or 6.0 please anweser!!

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It was the way, but I made this video after apple locked iTunes error….

Rick r says:

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imtheone1981 says:

It worked for me:) Thanks 🙂

Stefan Milivojevic says:

This is not how you do the SAM unlock. You literally switched from iOS 4 to
iOS 5 during the video.

Ruff Ryders says:

It was the way, but I made this video after apple locked iTunes error….

Vatsal Kanani says:

any other mathods in sam?

Sherif Aliti says:

u didnt make spoof

Dave Regenold says:


Poppy Line says:

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Erick Rampling says:

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Barb Saunders says:

Hi when i revert lockdownd to stock i get stockification failure any ideas?

padmalochan das says:

I know you can get it unlocked for free at iphonegeeks.us

Aran Hughes says:

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