Unlocking T-Mobile iPhone 4 with unlock code through iTunes

This is an example of unlocking the iPhone 4 through iTunes. Once Unlocked you can use your iPhone 4 on other networks such as AT&T, and internationally. Just follow the instructions and you will see how easy it is to unlock your iPhone 4. To get more informaition and your unlock code go here:

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marcssonmty says:

this supposed to be the way to fix it. Have you already fixed it?

Benjamin Ozerov says:

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Ellis Saeed says:

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DeclanRobertson0 says:

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Virgel Noserale says:

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Eva Varkonyi says:

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Gabriel Carreira Costa says:

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Szabolcsi Georgina says:

AT&t had a database renew, this means AT&T took away the access to their
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Gebo Cornette says:

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Cemo Latoski says:

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marshaun payne says:

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Alcantar Quinto says:

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DJDro says:

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Ronald Rister says:

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Sandra Jones says:

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Kiss Àdám says:

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Jacob Ince says:

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Farago Agoston says:

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Baranyi Bence says:

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Arronm Macuade says:

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Jocelyn Gayosso says:

My iphone 4s was unlocked through tmobile then it went back to its original
carrier is this how ican fix this?

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