BEST iOS 9 Jailbreak Cydia Tweaks for Week 2, February 2016

This video covers the best iOS 9 jailbreak Cydia tweaks for the first week of February, 2016. Below is the list of tweaks that are covered:

  1. SP Touch for iOS 9 – 0:18 – adds a virtual “Home Button”, used for accessing the “App Switcher”, locking your device, etc.
  2. Cirrus – 0:52 – widget for your lock screen that displays the weather forecast and time/date
  3. Flame – 1:16 – allows you to customize the Cydia app
  4. QuickClear – 2:15 – allows you to clear badges, using “3D Touch”
  5. ChargingDone – 2:50 – shows a “pop up” or a banner notification, when your phone is fully charged

Please note that your device must be jailbroken and you must have Cydia installed, in order to use the above tweaks.

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