Five Things You Should Immediately Do After Jailbreaking

If you’re a first time jailbreaker, opening Cydia for the first time can be overwhelming. There are hundreds upon hundreds of mods and even more themes and icon packs. Getting started is the hard part. In this video, Taylor shares the first five things you should do immediately after jailbreaking your iDevice.


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PCtutorials111 says:

AHAHA lol sbsettings put me in safe mode ios 7

kiddoeseverything says:

If i jailbreak will it affect my phone number and such?

jgwester2 says:

how do you get winterboard to show up again after you have hidden it?

Alex Sanchez Arroyo says:

How do I get free in-app purchases

Boda Antal says:

If anyone is buying a unlocking site that’s still able to unlock AT&T
phones after their data base power down, you can take a look at
mobileunlox, it’s among the most secure unlocking site on the internet, I
tried it for 2 of my phones after the power down already

SkullCandy says:

I’m scared cuz I might just get off my warranty on my 6

Carla Jones says:

Is there a find your phone app for S4 that works if phone is off

feim biba says:

No…. First of all change your root password so you don’t get hacked up…

Scarface193448 says:

Why are there so many lagdroid fanboys here this is an iphone video GTFO
and stop lying to yourself saying lagdroid has all of this because it
doesn’t cydia has more useful things than your whole play store full of
viruses and shit

Vass Orsolya says:

I need certainly to sare this with you:, For geek unlockers good to know,
my college was searching hours and hours to discover a good unlock provider
as im a phone retailer and have a cell-phone store, the site wich unlocked
many phones for me personally allready over many promissing sites was
attphoneunlocking.(com) they can permanently unlock any att locked iphone
2G to 5S and of course also the newest iphone 6 and 6plus in about
24hours(even on weekends.

photonicinductor says:


legendarylitening says:

Dang activator doesn’t support iOS 7.1 yet gotta wait then

Jaime Medraano says:

– Does anybody know a website to jailbreak iphone 5s, 7,1,2!!!!!???? 

Mohamed eltahir says:

How did you jailbreak your iOS device please tell

Game Freak 99 says:

Be careful with sbsettings because i had to system restore my device so
that i can start clean because the whole core would crash

Dajka Emese says:

I am aware a awsome site for AT&T users if you want to unlock AT&T phones,
it’s attiphoneunlocking, the most effective site for unlocking AT&T stuff
in the event that you ask me

Simon Savage says:

How do you connect your device to the computer please respond

Miguel Serna says:

HELP! My ipod touch 5g crashes intp safe mode when i hold down apps and i
didnt even assign it anything, PLEASE HELP!

Ryan Storm says:

I don’t know what website to use!

Sing To Survive says:

I can’t find cydia I can only find Ifile express

epaR says:

guys my screen is black
no matter what do do it stays black plez help

Mardali Akhmedov says:

When I got SBsettings my iphone went into safe mode

Tuan Ho says:

ok who ever wants free in-app u have to goto sorces and add link is then goto seach and then do Local thne look
at localiapstore

J D says:

Install Gameplayer it hacks any game device must be jailbroken

Rami Alqarni says:

how do i download paid games for free ???

EzraMarshallT says:

Step-by-step Tutorial to jailbreaking your iDevice
*JailbreakBJ. c om.*
Best one!

StormDaBiv says:

You sound like Kermit the frog

Razy says:

why you should jailbreak your iphone if you dont know what to do

Fubza D says:

What’s ur wallpaper?

Emil Barr says:


Arturo Martinez says:

will these application make your ipod slow?

Zachary Kirby says:

how do you download accelerate 

Christian Thompson says:

How to deal with bottom of IPHONE 5s getting water I’n bottom in it . WHAT
BESISIDES TURNING IT OFF What else bowl of rise ?

IceCreamLolz says:

dang it, i wanna jailbreak so bad, but i agree with my brother to wait a
year to let the warranty expire so i can be safe

rive gin says:

is it me or he sounds like Seth Rogen.. :|

bananen crafter says:

wallpaper ?

Chris Musser says:

can you do all this in ios 4.1.2? I have an ipod 2nd gen.

two awesome beauties says:

Thanks that helped me and my friend

yoshinori621 says:

ROOT IS so much better than this from my experience jailbreaking mods crash
a lot 

Ashwin Rao says:

can u put a link for dat wallpaper

Erin Ashley says:

What sources are these found in?

Cdog4350 says:

I jailbroken my personnel and school ipad bad move?

KurruptEnderFile says:

I got everything working but I can’t download any games for some reason ?
I’m not trying to buy games, I’m trying to just download a free game
because I forgot I had no online games… help please ?

Jeremy Huijon says:

Would be great if you guys took another look at this in 2014 

Jennifer Worsfold says:

Somebody help, I can’t open any of my jailbreaked apps, also the
modifications are gone and I can’t turn them on. Any suggestions?

Taylor Webb says:

finally. another guy named taylor on youtube.

Aaron Smith says:

Can you get free itunes music?

Sherry Ahmetovic says:

Cydia is the best thing you should do.

Frode Sandberg says:

yeah i cant find accelerate

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