How To Jailbreak iOS 7.1 – 7.1.x Untethered With Pangu

How to jailbreak iOS 7.1 through 7.1.2 with Pangu (Windows)
Jailbreak iOS 7.1.X with Windows and Mac coming soon.
Jailbreak iOS 7.0.4 and lower:
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Download the jailbreak tool here:

A jailbreak for iOS 7.1 through 7.1.1 has been released. This is an untethered jailbreak and is compatible with all iOS 7 devices. Download the tool using the link above and follow along with the video for an in-depth look at the process.

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macmixing says:

FYI: I did this using VirtualBox on my Retina MacBook Pro. Just in case you
were curious.

Lebong l says:

fake iphone 6 aint out yet

tyson miller says:

Omg I just got scammed by a fake website Cydia made me pay $20.00 for cydia

Jax Teller says:

Will it work with 7.1?

Tim Horeweg says:

i cant jailbreak my iphone anymore? when i download the 7.1 pangu jailbreak
it says i need to download the ios 8 version? and i dont want the ios 8
jailbreak.. how can i fix it?

Zaburgh says:

Will your photos or previous applications be deleted after you jailbreak?

CallMeDalmas says:

I never got Cydia, what should I do? Trying to do it again atm.

camron wolfy says:

How is this unthethered if you need a computer

Mr. EvadeZ says:

It seems like a lot of people are having issues with this. I suggest you
guys just wait until someone known releases a tool. (Evasi0n, redsnow,

Vanja Miljanic RAP says:

wait,if i jailbreak my iphone will all apps on app store be free ?

Ivan Balajić says:

When I get welcome to Pangu jailbreak lines show on my screen and screen
fades away and it get’s stuck in reboot loop, it did that 3 times that I

Kelli S says:

Will this work on an iPhone 4?

Rayna Hemphill says:

Does your contacts, pictures, notes, and additional apps dissapear after
the installation ? (Please answer) 

aryas nzar says:

Do your apps go

Zach Day says:

Is it safe will I be hacked or lose my things

hcatkins00 says:

I’ve done this to my iPod 5 worked perfectly , I was thinking if Chinese
people made it then you know that shit works!

Ghost Boy says:

Will I lose all my apps and photos and such?

Rob G says:

Thank you for making this video to walk me through the process.

WiZRD says:

Guys! It says “Jailbreak timeout” on Pangu, but yet I am preparing
filesystem on my phone? Help! WHATS GONNA HAPPEN?!

Zen Studio says:

when i did everything on the video,it rebooted 2 times then i opened my
ipod but when i went to the end,it didn’t have cydia it had the pangu app
and when i opened it is just the pangu logo. Please help!

Alec Stall says:

Does it reset your devise when you downalod it?

Jimmy Hernandez says:

does it work for ios 7.1 ?

Zach Johnson says:

Dom, please help me. So i downloaded “Pangu”, and i opened it, and where
your device name is, mine just says
“????,???????????iTunes??iTunes???????.” Please help me. Thanks!


Does this work on iPad also if u jailbreak how can u unjailbreak. Also is
jailbreak your phone does It restart your phone? (Delete everything??) pls

mckay _07 says:

im really sad rn

YgoTeamTG says:

I have an iPhone 4 running iOS 7.1.2 and I have iTunes at the current
version. However, the program doesn’t recognize that my device is plugged
in. Please help.

joe ricco says:

Will this give my computer a virus??

DjGroudonStudios says:

It takes forever to load it says “loading, resources,please wait”? My
iphone is plugged in to..the JailBreak button does not work…

lVlane says:

This jailbreak was easy it took about 15 minutes to back up on Itunes, and
the jailbreak took about 5 no lie . Predicate it bruh .

the king says:

Can we Change are date back after where done

simon broadleaf says:

when I do this it gets stuck at the 3/4 mark.

XxRawAngerxX says:

Can anyone help me out it says?????itunes??itunes?????

OneAsianOneCracker says:

after the jailbreak is done can i change the date back?

MrCoolKid88 says:

help when i have opened the pangu app on my phone it goes for a bit and
then i get a couple of red question marks

Kyle Broflovski says:

mac download is working now guys, just checked it

Cole Galotti says:


Abubakar Aziz says:

Does this work on an iPhone 4? Somone please reply

umDiamond says:

A backup doesn’t save jailbreak data does it?

James Groottt says:

Does this work on IPad2? I read some comments that it broke their IPads so
I want to know if it is fully compatible. 

TheTitanNinjaChannel says:

Should it be more safe if I Backup or restore my device? Or should I just

J.o. Mac says:

you deserve the thumbs up man. Thank you!

krys mannas says:

my question.. does this still work?

boom doo says:

does this work with 7.1.2??

NaiReEimaiKyprios says:

Should I wait for iOS 8 Jailbreak or do this?

Joe Talks says:

could someone tell me if this is stable for 7.1.1 with iphone 5?

DoubleEruby says:

No don’t do it! My iPhone wouldn’t turn on and only Siri worked the screen
was pitch black but luckily my iPhone was saved in my laptop and I got my
iPhone working again! ❤️❤️❤️ Thankyou!!!! Actually I should be thanking
myself, I deleted the app anyways DO NOT RISK IT. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED

DaNgEr GhOst AnOnymouS Lb says:

Will cydia Download?

Bruno Mars says:

im on pc and when i open pangu it says “Loading resources, Please wait..”
and it dosent load, please help!!!

ililo28 says:

is this legit? (Legal)

MarcoTheMinecrafter says:

FUCK THIS VIDEO ON JAILBREAK I LOST My mini ipad it dosent work anymore
…. now am crying because i lot everthing THX A

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