iOS 7 Jailbreak: Top Free iOS 7 Compatible Cydia Tricks

Jailbreaking your iOS device is the equivalent of ‘rooting’ an Android device. Essentially, this means removing the restrictions from your device and giving the apps you download more access to the internal workings. This is a blessing for iOS devices which have always been very powerful but unfortunately also very ‘locked down’.

The best way to make the most of a jailbroken iOS device is to access Cydia – an app store with lots of cool apps specifically for jailbroken devices. The best part? Loads of these apps and tweaks are completely free… as seen in the video below!

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JBTech17 says:

ATTN: For those having issues running the tweaks on pre-A7 devices, go
ahead and reinstall Mobile Substrate & Substrate Safe Mode. This should fix
the issue. If you ever reboot your device, you will need to reinstall
Mobile Substrate & Substrate Safe Mode once again. There should be a
permanent fix to this soon so you don’t need to do this each time.

JBTech17 says:

ATTENTION: As mentioned in the video, not all tweaks will be working on the
iPhone 5s & A7 devices due to MobileSubstrate not being updated yet. Once
MobileSubstrate is updated and tweaks are updated for arm64 devices, they
should be working.

Nazier Michel says:

Help! I can’t find Cydia on the appstore!

Ryan Campbell says:

How do I get installous?

Jaws Perez says:

Any cracked versions of Auki? 

UniqueMission480 says:

You don’t have to download tabless XD that setting is in the normal
settings. No jailbreak

Shark MC says:

Where your connection dots are, mine used to be like that until yesterday
where mine has changed into the bars like on android. What do I do to fix
it, because I don’t like it

yido oyunda says:

Where is cydia dowland

Casey LambertK says:

News and Tutorials to help you understand your iDevice
*JailbreakBJ. co m.*
only this site, tutorial will help!!!

Sub Way Blt says:

What soures

Active Yume says:

Mine is titts

AlexDWeekly says:

Wow. You love zedd :D

bruce smith says:

What are the sources?

Turtle puncher says:

Hey guys could you please take a look at my channel. I only have 1 video.
But I will be doing cydia tweaks retro games and gaming walk though thanks.
Please subscribe 

Active Yume says:

The zepplin thing worked 

Cortana _ says:

It sucks a lot for iPad 2 users. Can’t jailbreak.

WelfareBoys1490 says:

Awesome :)

Max Legend says:

If you want MxTube for free no jailbreak go on AppStore and type in Free
Video watch the vid and it will say cache to memory and der u go u can
watch it anywer with no wifi

Matthew Grabianski says:

hiddenSettings7 has slowed down my iPhone 5s i will have to uninstale it
its no good

Jimmy Castillo says:

thanks bro! it works on my iOS 7.1.2

Sandy Hakh says:


Brandon Hernandez says:

That would’ve been badass if you could change the of the flash


Is Hiddensettings good?

Kong Xiong says:

If u remove tabless, can u still slide it?

William Pato says:

My favorite was the zeppelin 

Mike V says:

Hey I really recommend u getting Five-column SB it allows u to have 5 apps
on one column 

Hannah Lindgren says:

Thanks for the info its great :)

Kwan Weng Kiat says:

hi can i know how do we get pandora?

rohan acharekar says:

will it work on iphone 4s? And will it void my warranty?

Jeff Yen says:


The English German says:

My favorite tweak is a combination, iFile + AirBlue + TuneShell (from the
app store) = The ability to drag and drop music directly to your iPhone and
manage the music the way you want, with the ability to send and receive
songs via bluetooth.

Miguel Ramirez says:

Hey guys, download “Pandora Downloder”, it has the option for unlimited
skips, no ads, pandora one, and you can download the songs with album
artwork. Works great with ios 7. 

65willdestroyyou says:

>YouTube to mp3 converter

wow embarrassing

Sim Sok Heng says:

How to set song to ringtone in iphone ios 7

Emery Forrest says:

Can’t jailbreak your iOS 7 device? Get apps for free without jailbreak
using feature points. Download at feature and download any app
for free. Use this code and get a 1000 points for free at the start! Free
code: MLI7DG


I want to watch videos on my background of my Iphone while I’m on whatsapp
or instagram,what was the name of this tweak called again?

Mjac150Films says:

What is the song?

Nathan Casement says:

CustomLS has all the features instead of the many tweaks you said 

XDigitalPixelationX says:

none of the tweaks work for me help please i’m trying it on a ipod 5g

Restrictixn Gamer says:

people do u want cydia just for apps message me back asap if u do
ill try and put a video up tomorrow how to get free apps 🙂 for i phone3g 4
4s 5 5c 5s

GeneVendetta Detta says:

When they gonna released jailbreak for ios 7.1?
Does it compatible for iphone 4s?

MrPranker247 says:

do these work on ipad??

Zinou toubal says:

My favorite tweak is jellylock7

Moeut Tararath says:

where did you install those tweaks?

Johnathon Nguyen says:


Handan says:

thank you. thanks to you i found new cool settings

OM3GAven0m says:

I like electric dance music like edm bpm stuff it’s good stuff

Zliced | Minecraft & More says:


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