iPhone 5S & 5C 7.1.1 Jailbreak Update + WWDC

Multiple iPhone hackers have now jailbroken iOS 7.1.1 on the iPhone 5S, 5C, and iPhone 4. Here’s all the details.
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Natalie Jones says:

what even is jailbreaking?

Connell Mcbride says:

who jailbreaks anymore lol

Pat Dow says:

There’s not even a 1% chance of iPhone 6 release at WWDC. Never has
happened, never will

Luis Perez says:

this jackass is just another asshole that wants to be famous for a while by
making fake videos, if he was for real he would release the tool to
jailbreaking iOS 7.1.1, but how could he release something he has actually
never done right?

M0esmac says:

“Another hacker winocm”; “his”; “he” etc – she is a female, not a male. Get
your facts right, Ty. Another video from you with not the right facts.

David Bowie says:

Don’t see point in jail breaking anymore iphone does all 

Calvario10 says:

My iPad cannot be jail broken 4 some reason it said that my iPad was
supervised with another computer

TheProdigy396 says:

Well iOS 8 be on on iPhone 4

Mileta Jovanovic says:


Nahid Islam says:

If the exploit doesn’t work on ios 8. Release the Jailbreak for 7.1.1/2

melon2 says:

U lost a lot of subs Ty realy from 600,000 to 400,000 🙁 :(

Tech Daniiels says:

Jailbreaking is wack fuck that

Farkas Zsanett says:

I understand a really good site for people looking to unlock any kind of
AT&T stuff, it’s MobileUnlox, also the fastest unlocking site I’ve ever use

Jesus Sandoval says:

How do i get service back on iphone5 c

Kulcsar Attila says:

I am aware a awsome site for AT&T users if you want to unlock AT&T phones,
it’s attphoneunlocking.(com), the most effective site for unlocking AT&T
stuff in the event that you ask me

Eric Cartman says:


Arik Hardin says:

Is there a jailbreak for iOS 8.0.2

Tanya Johnson says:

Dude, you’re hot.

Crazy Gamer says:

Is jail breaking against the rules? If not then y dont they put it on in
the first place or why would they patch the hacks?

Johnny Murray says:

Why are they already coming out with ios8

Seven992 says:

People have enough money to buy an iphone but not 0.99c to buy an app

Rearick Foutch says:
exklimexklim says:

once you jailbreak from 7.0 or 7.0.1 you can be able to get inside the root
folders and files ( there’s a file where you can change the version of the
iOS with notepad.)
and will show in screen the version you typed … so actually all those
videos are fake.

indskab says:

Great! Just another false scam! Fucking hell!

thejkol1995 says:

I just don’t want my iPhone 5s to be slowed down by iPhone 8, surely it
won’t with the 64 bit processor, my brother has an iPhone 4 running iOS 7
and it’s horrible 

DroidModderX ROOT Master says:

+Ty Moss you neeeed to do the Hot Pepper Tech Review Challenge!

Andrew Nibbi says:

Yee-awng-gin jay-ng

MilkyMushrooms says:

Yeah it’s easy for you to say it’s better to release it on iOS 8. I wish I
could experience a jailbreak really soon. First I tried to jailbreak 6.1.3
but there was no jailbreak available at the time, so then I tried with iOS
7.0.1 and I got the rootfs crash with evasion, so the. I tried an older
version and got the boot loop, then I tried to restore with iOS 7.0.4 but
then I got the 3194 error within iTunes so then I had to downgrade to ios

Dennis McCarty says:

Best reasons to jailbreak: XBMC, Movie Box, Controllers for All, OS
Experience (iPad), and SwipeSelection. 

josh McBride says:

Had it

Jonathan Aparicio says:

I experienced that bug!

BoomiX Rox says:

There’s an untethered jailbreak called pangu I have it and it works fine
thank me later

Haduken Dev says:

+CPVideoMaker101 now they are back in prison

dat nikka says:

Save yourself 6 minutes…

There is no jailbreak yet for 7.1.1 and 7.1.

Kelss Dunn says:

My Iphone 5c Has been Jailbroken Since January

Kshitij Rawat says:

Okay..plzz some 1 tell. Me how to jailbreak7.1.1

X9 Nynex says:

Wut No Comments

ZambonieDude says:

Winocm is just going 2 report it to Apple since he’s going 2work for them
very soon as he’s been given a Job offer by the tech company :P

Valluch Gizella says:

If somebody has trouble unlocking AT&T phones, because you have used scam
unlocking site, you can have a look at
it’s the most secure site for unlocking, we have the ability to unlock the
new 5S and 5C as well.

Dan batan says:

What is the password of the file

snipe Show says:

I love jb 🙂 nice video ! One question . If you buy an iPhone 4s do they
update to the latest update?

WaQQaDKO says:

Does this work for iPad mini

Tajtek Irma says:

For everybody using AT&T that has trouble unlocking their devices, you can
do it through
oahu is the site I purchased over and over again, we always unlock faster
than my expectation

viet sang says:


Kyle Wilson says:

Can’t wait for the beta. I had iOS 7 beta on my iPod touch 5 less than a
week after it’s release and before everyone else. Hopefully it won’t run
like crap because it doesn’t run 7.1.1 well at all. I’d rather not have it
on my 5S because I don’t want the bugs on my daily user . 

We are AzSa5z1n says:

What happen to Volos

Brian Davenport says:

Don’t dislike what you prob./most likely can’t do… He just sharing info

Zac Jones says:

You don’t make sense they can still release the jailbreak every new
software that comes out has a different kernel scripting if it’s simple not
simple depending on how big the update is, so the kernel would be different
so there is no lead they would get if they didn’t release the jailbreak

ML0002 says:

wincom is not a “he”

IVLxJAK2 says:


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