Jailbreak Your iPhone 4 and Start Tweaking

With a new super easy jailbreaking took from JailbreakMe.com, you can have your iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, or iPad jailbroken in just under two minutes. After you jailbreak, it’s time to tweak! Here we show you a variety of cool tweaks to make. You can use IntelliScreen to place widgets on your lock screen, SBSettings to launch a super handy toggle menu for WiFi, 3G, and more, MiWi to turn your iPhone into a wireless hotspot, Five Icon Dock to add a fifth icon to your program dock, and WinterBoard to install a wide variety of themes to your device.

Disclaimer: Jailbreaking voids your warranty and can make you more vulnerable to hacks. So be careful.

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Akarat Aranka says:

For all of us using AT&T that’s trouble unlocking their devices, you can do
it through mobileunlox.(com), oahu is the site I have used more often than
once, we always unlock faster than my expectation

JWDogg2000 Tgc Inc says:

On my iPhone 4 it said that I could not do that when I was on the site

Zoe Ch says:

And how you unjailbreak it … ? Also is it safe for the devise ?

Rizky Harnadi says:

I can jailbreak my iphone,it say that my device doesnt suport.
My iphone is running IOS 7.1.2 now and i never jailbreak my iphone before
since i brought it. Could u please tell me how to jailbreak with IOs 7.1.2

Santiago Solano says:

mine says that jailbreakme isnt supported on my device

YoadPlaysGames IL says:

Lol I can hack you u forgot to hide the ip at the end hahaha

Koczka Levente says:

I see many people have trouble unlocking their AT&T phones, for these
folks, you can look at attiphoneunlocking, it’s the site I have been using
for all my AT&T phones

jersey Bella says:

my iphone dosint go to that website

Paige Graves says:

Could not find website took me elsewhere. No help. 

Andreii Ciobanu says:

Is not working.

Kassi Gail says:

tho i always charge my phone which is good if i do do this

TechGeek800 says:

do” tv tube sleep” trust me it good

TNT Zues says:

Fake this doesn’t work

Tisza Gyula says:

HURRAY!, for iphone geeks!! :, I know there are numerous unlock providers
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Kassi Gail says:

i hope this is safe it feels RISKY!

mohamed azar says:

Hahahaha winterface!!
Anyway thanx 

Lauren Bassett says:

Guys, if you’re considering jailbreaking but scared about bricking your
device (like I was) just use p0sixspwn Jailbreaker! You don’t have to put
your device into DFU mode, it just shuts down like it does when you hit
‘slide to power off’ ! I did this earlier with my iPod touch 4th generation
running ios 6.1.6, and it works like a charm. Cydia is installed for you,
and while it’s jailbreaking your device, your ipod/ipad/iphone will turn on
and STAY on! this really reassured me while I was jailbreaking. Go do it


How can i put it back after

Mees Wit says:

Does that thing to jailbreak your device also with the newest version and

Steven Myers says:

Can I jailbreak my ipod touch 4 this same way?

TNT Zues says:

Doesn’t work

superstickman95 says:

i cant seem to get my iphone to jailbreak with this website, is it because
my firmware is to recent for it, if so how do i take it back to a previous

ZylenWatson says:

This guide will show you how to jailbreak any iDevice.
*JailbreakiOSNow. com*.
read this one 

Mikayla White says:

This might be stupid but will I get a virus if I jailbreak my iphone????

AmericanAmigo says:

Anything with the word jail in it gives me the creeps :)

matthew heathcote says:

can u still use iCloud?

Adam Epstien says:

i have an iphone and i want to jail break it but it doesnt show me anything
like setting just SOS,please any help?

Jacob Rasmussen says:

It cost money

Avas Valeria says:

If any of you AT&T users is having an arduous time attempting to unlock
AT&T devices, you can take a look at mobileunlox, it’s among the few sites
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lot of cheap unlocks.

Etienne Sharp says:

Working jailbreak tutorial! Go to:
*JailbreakBj. com.*
this video doesnt help! 

zommerlove9 says:

Helped a lot, thanks!

zommerlove9 says:

Nice video!

Basil Peter says:

Jailbreak iOS 7.0.3-7.0.4 Visit, *W W W . EasyiPadUnlock . C O M*

Batho Julianna says:

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Toth Valentin says:

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Venezia Alberto says:

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Patrick Hünseler says:

how did you got the little notification in the top bar next t the battery
that shows you message?????

Michael Whitlock says:

My friend said iPhone 4S and better to download something from safari
because I tried to jailbreak before and it said “it cannot download the
file”. Tell me how to download it easier without saying those things

John Rambo says:

get your head out of the sand idiot

Daniel Webb says:

My version is 6.0.1 can i get a jailbreak for it or no if so please help me

Danny Gonzales says:

It doesn’t say slide me to jailbreak on mine.

MonteBower says:

Everything you need to know about Jailbreaking iOS just visit this website:
www.JailbreakTUT.com protect your iDevice!!!

FaZe Montages says:

Your stupid

PlayingWithOuijieBoards says:

I have a Iphone 4 version 6.1.3 is there any ways to jailbreak that?

MishxBeauty says:

How is it legal?

Steelers Nation 21 says:

YO reatard its illegal so pull your head out of your ass

Miguel Cardoso says:

in my iPhone says that my version don’t have a jailbreak, and I follow
every single step you said. but don’t work… help me, I really want to
jailbreak my iPhone.

Juan Alvarez says:

Every body uses evasion bitch?

brooke says:

mine too

lesliesson says:

i am with sprint and when i go to the website it says somthing about not
being supported and i have a 4

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