NEW iOS 7 – 7.0.6 UNTETHERED Jailbreak (iPhone 5S/5C/5/4S/4 iPad Air/4/3/2/Mini & iPod Touch 5G)

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▼ iOS Device STUCK on Apple Logo FIX BELOW ▼

I cannot believe that the iOS 7 fully untethered jailbreak has already been released! It is just incredibly amazing! In this video, I will be showing you how to jailbreak any and all iOS devices running iOS 7 – 7.0.4 (iPhone 5S/5C/5/4S/4, iPad Air/4/3/2/Mini/Mini 2 & iPod Touch 5G). Happy Holidays & Enjoy the Jailbreak!

– Disable Passcode Lock Temporarily,
– Have iTunes installed on your computer
– If you updated to iOS 7 with an OTA Software Update (without a computer), the jailbreak may not go through successfully. It is always important to update VIA iTunes if you want to ensure a successful jailbreak.

iOS Device STUCK on Apple Logo?
1.) Put your device in DFU Mode (Hold down the home & lock button at the same time for 15 seconds & After 15 Seconds let go of the lock button, but keep on holding down the home button for another 10 seconds).
2.) Restore your device through iTunes
3.) Jailbreak your device (the jailbreak should work now, without freezing)

*NOTE: Not everything within Cydia has been updated to work with iOS 7, just yet.

Thanks to the Evad3rs Jailbreak Team!

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AppleTechSpot says:

*Just Posted in Description* iOS Device STUCK at Apple Logo FIX

1.) Put your device in DFU Mode (Hold down the home & lock button at the
same time for 15 seconds & After 15 Seconds let go of the lock button, but
keep on holding down the home button for another 10 seconds).
2.) Restore your device through iTunes
3.) Jailbreak your device (the jailbreak should work now, without freezing)

AppleTechSpot says:

Before you jailbreak, please follow the **BEFORE YOU START instructions to
ensure a SUCCESSFUL jailbreak. 😀

Enjoy! – ATS

jake kruschke says:

What’s the intro music?

TheLatvianBeast says:

Everytime when i click Jailbreak it says ” ERROR: Failed to retreive
package from the internet

JunPinn 476 says:

I can’t press the jailbreak button

Alex Browne says:

My iPod 5 says Sorry, the version of IOS of the attached device is not
supported and mine is on 7.1.2


is this illiegal

Jaris Ohara says:


Kemal Kartika says:

ive run evasion, but when i click jailbreak it says ERROR: Failed to
retrieve package from the internet. what shoul i do ?

Prof_Shift says:

You said it works on all ios devices, and it says mine isn’t supported on
and ipod touch 4, with ios 6

n00bie says:

Does jailbreaking require internet connection (both PC and iPad )

AllanWallace says:

Things you need to know before you start jailbreaking iOS device:
*JailbreakBJ. com.*
Bestsite ever!!

BigBlueBlock says:

Help! It says “Failed during injecting evasion app (2/2). Please return the
program and try again” I tryed about 3 times someone help:(

AuzzGames says:

Does this really work with 7.1? On one of your other video’s descriptions
it said it would but I’m just making sure before I do anything stupid :)

sami kemaletin says:

If i click on sources i haf to upgrade it for 10€

But i didnt do a jailbreak maybe thats why? 

ethan maksimas says:

it said it was not compatible with mine and it is 7.1?

rockman4365 says:

i need help i have a iphone 5 with 7.0.3 an everytime i try to jailbreak it
says failed to receive package from internet. what am i doing wrong please
someone help me?

TRoY KuN says:

whats the intro song?

Varjeet Nagra says:

ATS lives in NewZealand :D

SecretGamerYT says:

What’s his intro song

Falsé Namé says:

How long should it take to configure the jailbreak on the computer, mine is
taking forever.

Jack Comire says:

One I try to download the file on MEGA it finishs then chrome says file may
harm computer so its been blocked ho do i fix it?

TheUltimate Gamer says:

it says failed to retrieve package from the internet

NoobyPlays MC says:

i have a problem I dont have Winrar i cant download winrar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WhiteJacob says:

where did you get the wallpaper

Boda Antal says:

Appleberry is indeed expensive, guys dont use it. I used mobileunlox.(com),
I personally think it’s better, we are the absolute most reliable unlocking
site I have ever use.

Joshua Dionysius says:

Hi ats I have a problem that is when I click jailbreak it loads for a few
seconds then it says failed to retrieved packages from the internet. Plz
help. Thnx

Wilson Nguyen says:

Someone Please tell me Why do i need to restore my ipad

Oh Beemo says:

It doesn’t let me Jailbreak. I connect my iPod put it doesn’t work.

Jaceeloow yare says:
got that prob 

Adam Abraham says:

I have jailbreak my iPhone with this method..
*JailbreakBJ. c om*
Safe one!!!

ruhan ahmed says:

*HELP!* when i open evasi0n 7, to continute the installation it just comes
up with white screen

Naruto Sharigan says:

Does this work On IPOD touch 4 ?

Victor Dahlin says:

Seems everyone who have been trying to do the jailbreak in the last time
have gotten the error telling that the packages failed to retrieve

FunWithBoss says:

what happens if u don’t restore your device?

Kyle Walker says:

i get a message saying “unable to retrieve packets from the internet” what
could be causing this?

Andrey Arellano says:


Mason Davis says:

It said it it was unsupported my iPad is 7.1.2

SubboDubbo Kitteh says:

last time when i used Evasi0n my iPad broke! it wouldn’t get out of the
reboot screen!

obsidian sevensevenone says:


jack jan says:

I cant update my iPad to IOS8 can u help me plz?

D34D SHARK says:

It says Failed to retrieve package from internet

WolfPack746 says:

Doesn’t work I plugin it in and nothing

Wahab Alobaid says:

It’s telling that the packages failed to retrieve and so

Bash Trash says:

My thing says
Sorry,The version of IOS (11d2) (did not write the whole number don’t know
what it is for) Of the attached device is not supported

Please help me through this 

Daniel Semprevivo says:

What songs are in the vid. and also it does not work for me, cant seam to
get cydia into my phone 🙂 great vid tho (y)

Minecraft Fan says:


JoshuaPlaysMC says:

Do it removes all my data

Im Apolloh says:

I am trying to do this and it did it. But there is no cydia

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