The Best Jailbreak Tweaks of 2015

Presented in this video are the best jailbreak tweaks of 2015. However, many of them are NOT free. Below is the complete list of tweaks, that are covered:

1. Seng – $2.50 – app switcher replacement
2. Forcy – FREE – if you don’t have an iPhone 6S, this ads 3D touch to older devices
3. igSpeedster – $0.25 – allows you to sign into multiple Instagram accounts
4. OneHandWizard – $3.99 – makes it easy to navigate around larger iPhones by resizing the interface
5. Auxo Legacy Edition – $1.99 – provides a much improved app switcher and control center toggles
6. RecordPause – FREE – allows you to pause and resume video recording
7. SwipeForMore – FREE – lets you manage Cydia items with just a swipe
8. Flash – FREE – automatically places a flashlight icon in bottom left corner, when darkness is detected
9. Combination Lock – FREE – replaces traditional “lock screen” with an “old school” combination lock interface
10. Andrios – $3.99 – FREE – provides some Android-inspired features

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