Things That You Can Do With A Jailbroken iPhone 4 / iPhone 4S / iPod Touch 4G

This is a video where I show you what things you can do after you jailbreak your iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, iPod touch 4g or any devices below. If you want me to do anything specific that you saw in this video and don’t know how to get or want a tutorial on it, please let me know in the comments bellow and I’ll try my best to make a video on it as soon as possible.
I will be making a lot more videos that are helpful to some of you so be sure to look forward to that.

Thank you for watching.

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Tactiicz Gaming says:

I heard a fart near 12:00

MrGamerBoy says:

I used Pangu and it worked great and its easy for ios 7.1.1 no surveys or

Peter Maslanka says:

are you a bar

Nick Gibboni says:

how did u get that lockscreen?

Roy DaviesW says:

All information about jailbraking in one place.
*JailbreakBJ. co m.*

Cory Kreutzer says:

At 1:18, “also, my cock is not in the middle because it is moved to the

LookAt MeNow says:

Ill just ask my uncle to jailbreak for me

Weed Smoker213 says:

How much GB do you have I have 8GB will it crash and lag 

NimajBeats says:

took me 2 hours because it keep messing up but it worked :)

Pantera Enriquez says:

Nice!one question my iPhone 4s verizon is a 3G how can makes 4g??????

Snikwad Parker says:

can u call and text?

Tim Sayers says:

Hey if youre going to jailbreak your iPhone/iPod/iPad you should use

evan baker says:

I loved it when I jailbroken my device but it froze on the apple logo when
my iPod died but I restored and rejailbroke my device

Faze says:


kash thomas says:


Amir D. Agent :) says:

Evasi0n is the best

TheBekuka01 says:

I installed a lot app … but it doesn’t show in my settings 

Kameron Harris says:

Unlock any iPhone in 10 minutes check here:
*JailbreakBj. com*.
Just check it!!

Nemo Baillieux says:

“all that kinds of good stuff”


Hello people I’m ios gamer I will make videos on ios devices please
checkout my channel I have not made any videos right now but I will start
next month thank you 

IvanJones says:

Guides and step by step tutorials, Unlock iDevice
*JailbreakiOSNow. c om*
Read more! 


redsn0w owns

BlackOpCod says:

Just download Evasi0n and jailbreak it that way.

Ivory Noble says:

omg i can’t whit to get ipod 5 awsome

Ryuu 竜 says:

ur internet speed is so fast, what do you have?

Alex e says:

Can anyone tell me what that lock screen at the beginning was please, it
would help a lot.

Trey Brisbon says:

Does it change the amount of music you can have? Or the amount of apps you
can have in general?

Lachlan Revell says:

Thank you I will go and jailbreak soon cause all I needed to know was y to
do it
Many thanks

Eric Sexton says:

How do u jailbreak a sprint iphone 4 

Caboose Play says:

where is a ipsw? please reply

Dennis James says:

Apple is so dumb if ppl are jail breaking for these thing all apple has to
do is put them on the phone duh.

Olympic Flarez says:

How did you jail break it

Amber Nunnally says:

Does jailbreakig the phone let you download free music and ringtones???

Oliver Bridges says:

OMFG I hate the new sound youtube makes when u like a comment!!

shrey shah says:

from where to download installeous 4? cydia? appcake? 

Dame Ruffolo says:


Jason Ramos says:

Why cant i buy things on a game it always says purchase faul on my
jailbroken phone :{ please help someone

Yoni Martinez says:

Installous is gone but there’s a app call vshare.its just like installous
where u can download apps for free

chip mack says:

11:25 HE FARRRRRRRTED# bruuuuup

alex t-g says:

hey my iPhone when i put sim card blocked if i jailbreak it it will unblock
or not…….now i use my iPhone like iPod and if i reset the iPhone it
will block and then i will have one fu cking block iPhone and i will can’t
use it …pls help me

Jensen Metcalfe says:

How to jailbreak iPad, iPhone… safe? must see yes
its real!!

dylan scronce says:

tell me something… how did u jail break the border?? i would love to know
so i could fix it. it’s becoming a real problem for us legal people. wish
we could fix it. i say just put bullets through them..but that’s just me

Carlos Luevano says:


Michael Cornell says:

What are the names ?

Jamal Pichon says:

I love that home lock screen, whats it called I want it, my phone is

mrwonderful246 says:

what was the package for your home screen clock in the beginning of the

V30Glitch says:

How did you get that lockscreen

TwixShots says:

what’s you’re wallpaper?

rachealparker96 says:

He farted at 11:25 lol pewee

pjam07pjam says:

This is what an iPhone SHOULD be. You shouldnt have to do all of that just
to be able to have the option to customize your own phone.

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