TOP 10 BEST Cydia Tweaks and Apps for iOS 8 – 8.1 PanGu Jailbreak (iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch)

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CYLINDER Tweak – Add the Source►
LocaliAPStore Complete Video ►
*NEW* iOS 8 – 8.1 TOP 10 Tweaks (PART 2) ►

*NEW* EASY iOS 8 – 8.1 One-Click PanGu Jailbreak – ALL Devices (iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch) ►

TOP 10 BEST Cydia Tweaks and Apps for iOS 8 – 8.1 PanGu Jailbreak (iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch)

iOS 8: Get PAID Apps/Games FREE (NO Jailbreak) ►

iOS 8 – 8.1 Untethered Jailbreak ►

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AppleTechSpot says:

*Enjoy, and hit that thumbs up button if you want more videos soon! =]* 

AppleTechSpot says:

@Prior Gaming YouTube won’t let me reply to your comment. If you are having
issues with the jailbreak, and my recent videos did not help, then I would
recommend until a new, more simplified version of the PanGu jailbreak is
released. As always, I will keep you fully update on the topic. 

AppleTechSpot says:

*PanGu UPDATE* – A simpler and easier version of the PanGu iOS 8 – 8.1
jailbreak is being released tomorrow. SSHing will not be needed anymore, as
Cydia will be bundled with the jailbreak! *I will have a NEW jailbreak
guide uploaded, once it is released.*

Stay Tuned! – ATS 

AppleTechSpot says:

*MY WALLPAPERS (for those of you asking)* – 

AppleTechSpot says:

*NEW* iOS 8 – 8.1 TOP 10 BEST Tweaks (*PART 2*) video – TOP 10 BEST iOS 8 –
8.1 NEW Cydia Tweaks and Apps (Part 2) – iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

AppleTechSpot says:

*NEW* EASY iOS 8 – 8.1 One-Click PanGu Jailbreak – ALL Devices (iPhone,
iPad, and iPod Touch) ►

MirroredReality says:

I think there’s a problem with the StatusHUD 2 tweak. When you try to
adjust the volume while in Youtube, Youtube crashes. 

Leonardo Messias says:

I can’t find the localiapstore

MrMaster1812 says:

How do you download cylinder?

marquan williams says:

Do a ‘wats on my iPhone’

Tra Realeco says:

sbflip works with the iphone 5?

hellspawnsgirl says:

Lisen to your self in recording how u talk as if u have Down’s syndrome 

IOS gaming/tutorials says:

Is cylinder just a another version of barrel?

mlbr0cks says:

what are all the sources for the tweaks?

MrKewlKhan says:

Whats the tweak where you watch youtube videos wen your out of the utube

Michael Garza says:

Status hud 2 doesn’t work on YouTube :0

Aspire7 says:

Will there be a dreamboard on this 8.1 jailbreak?

MrTheDerper says:

Can you help me? I updated my iPad 2 to IOS 8.1 and then I tried to
jailbreak it with the Language tool, but it says I need to turn off
TouchID, but I don’t have it!!!!! help?!

Doodle Jumper says:

are these tweaks compatible for ios 7?

Semore Butts says:

Is this pangu jailbreak fully completed? I don’t want to jailbreak and
download cydia separate. Please answer

skorponok27 says:

Should I wait for evasi0n? I am a cydia developer for tweaks and I need
some help on this.

Riley Johnson says:

Can you still notify us when the Evaders create Evasion8 jailbreak? I
prefer it even thought I LOVE 25PP!

Tejas Anand says:

How did you get play station on your phone? My iPad is jailbroken but I
don’t know how to get it 

Marin Brkić says:

there is new pangu update . go to their pangu page and download new
jailbreak and cydia comes with it ! :)

Thereal1207 says:

Does anybody know what tweak it is when you can add contact pictures next
to you text messages 

imabk says:

Can you help? I updated to 8.1 through the iTunes Store turned find my
iPhone off and passcode. my phone is readable in iTunes (iPhone 6) but
nothing shows up in the pangu tool??? Do you know how to fix this?

William Belcher says:

Awesome video, thank you for share now I have some cool tweaks on my iPad

Austin Gieselman says:

what song is that…that is a sick beat

iLikeTrtl3Zz says:

What camera do u use it has extremely well quality

Peter Nykilchuk says:

Have any free music tweaks been released yet?

MrBeiyer says:

how does your keyboard look that way?

Rodrigo Covarrubias says:

Do ypu recomend installed to ipad? Or wait for the final version? Im
mexican :3

pikachu12873 says:

Thanks for Cydia. Tweaks 

MfoMinecraft says:

Does vital home wok on a 5c

Stefania Daniel says:

thank you, very informative. 

MrVito3456 says:

And keyboard …..

Edgar Arredondo says:

have you noticed any lag or slowness in your iPhone with this jailbreak?
im still deciding if i should get it

Outcaster says:

Nice video

KrazyToast says:

What’s that wallpaper called 

GeoGamersSociety13 says:


Jarrod Camilleri says:

does barrel still work ? because I noticed you used cylinder instead of it.
by the way, keep up the great work :)

MinecraftGamerZain says:

Great Video!

Lyric Gonzalez says:

I heard that this jailbreak has issues like not being able to send pictures
when texting ? is that still current ? 

pifpaf pouf says:

What’s your background please ?

chris j says:

What are your settings for flurry?

tu nguyen says:

Can you give the sours???

Blake Robertson says:

Great video, I really love your channel!!

PanchoCb4 says:

Why is there only 1 option for quality

OneDirectionVEVO says:

Nice video as always!

Ahmad Walid says:

is linktunes works with Ios 8?

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