Top 10 Compatible iOS 7.1.1 Pangu Jailbreak Tweaks

Top 10 Compatible iOS 7.1.1 Pangu Jailbreak Tweaks
In this video I show you some of my favorite jailbreak tweaks compatible with iOS 7.1.1.

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How To Untether Jailbreak iOS 7.1.1 on iPhone, iPod touch, & iPad using Pangu Windows & Mac:

Jailbreak Tweak Videos:
Auxo 2:
Customize JBTech17 Carrier Logo:
Color Keyboard for iOS 7:
Springtomize 3:
Other Jailbreak Tweaks:

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Ghost Boy says:

Will I lose all my shit?

Chase Rosinski says:

Auki is broken, I try to reply and the reply button won’t show up, and when
I try to compose and the send button won’t work/light up

Hermann Sørensen says:

barrel is not free

K. Rollins says:

you can get barrel for free from bite your apple.

Caleb Castro says:

The Auki application is sick! That’s how quick reply and compose will be on
iOS 8 I believe!

Vault2Gaming says:

I’m having issues with auki. It installs fine but I can’t quick reply or
have any of the features… In activator, I can set up a gesture to bring
it up but it doesn’t send messages.. Please help me!

mcc helipilot says:

any tweaks to unlock the carrier after install Cydia?

Niclas Jacob says:

Why do you use Barrel Ehen you have Springtomize?

TheMrlafebre says:

I like the video! How do you sit behind the camera and reach over the
camera? I saw your behind the Scenes video. Probably a dumb question, but I
was just wondering 

ricky retana says:

Best video i have seen so far!!! Very descriptive and informational!!! I
literally downloaded all the tweaks you showed and those tweaks have been
extremely useful!!! Do you have a video on using HiddenSettings7?? Thanks

MrEverythingElectro1 says:

If you pay money for a tweak and are logged in, will it stay on your
account and can you download it for free when you update your phone or if
you got another one?

Duke e says:

I jail broke my iPad Air IOS 7.1.1 with pangu after jailbreak mail app and
Safari was not working so I reseted all settings, thought ill jailbreak
After reset I plugged my iPad Air and opened pangu utility but was not able
to jailbreak this time as pangu says your device is already jail broken but
there is not cydia app on iPad though there are few other cydia tweaks.
What to do guys.
Thanks in advance
A quick reply will be more appreciating. Thanks again 

PumpkinOfficial says:

AUKI works only if you purchase it . The rest are just some fucking tweaks
that want to higher their downloads

That Youngin' says:

any tweak to change the font?

Lino Sovet says:

Barrel isn’t free but it could get “cylinder” for free! It’s more powerful
than Barrel!

CoffeeGaming says:

Can i jailbreak when everytime i reboot it goes to recovery mode (only when
plugged in)?

churrayez says:

Barrel is not free 🙁 why you gotta have my hopes up man

mack alex says:

barrel isn’t free :(

Chris grayden says:

hey when i try to download some of the tweaks it says “depends”
preferenceloader can you help please

campbell frazer says:

I want to jailbreak my old iPod gen 3 not my iPod gen 5 without using a
computer. Is this possible??!!

Amir Yasin says:

auki isnt working, help ? 

naomi wills says:

My Instagram notifications aren’t working and I don’t know why, help ? 


U forgot Convergance

Mxngxxse says:

you need to install cydia substrate, thats how you’re able to download any
other tweak.

Paul Selleck says:

Auxo is putting me in to safe mode when I hit airplane mode. Please help
any fixes.

shaikh qayyum says:


aidan williams says:

you can get them all for free except auki on the insanelyi repo

Abnrr Sweg says:

Auki doesnt work

marquan williams says:

Auki just knocked biteSMS out the picture haha 

ariff azreeq says:

why is the color keyboard is still not working ? not even one of the theme
is working.

TheIllusion Fox says:

FINALLY someone who uses an iPod touch instead of the iPhone 5!

MeatCommando says:

Barrel isn’t free.

TheAnvil80 says:

Is it worth jail breaking? I have not done it before

Upscale Shedletsky says:

Thanks so much bro. When i first jailbroke I had no idea what any of these
things did. Thanks bro

Antonius TheGreat says:

Color keyboard isn’t compatible with 7.1.1

Pikmonster says:

Tried jailbreaking my device, kept getting the message :
/usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (2)
Any help?

Cooper Scott says:

dont get barrel get cyliner same thing except actually free if u actauully
read the anotation

Jaz Evans says:

i got something the exact same as auxo 2 but it was free

Jose De La Torre says:

How do you make the type of ipod faster? If its slower?

banini8 says:

what colour is the first black keyboard that you showed?

Andres Olivo says:

Bite SMS could be a better and free Auki substitute 

ShaaaaxHD says:

do you have IOS8 ??

Jake Logan says:

color keyboard IOS7 doesnt work with 7.1.1

ios_tweaking says:

I got them all free from different repos bus mostly bite your apple

Daniel Louie says:

You said big boss about 17 times lol

shivam jasra says:

How to remove carrier dots from the status bar bro?? 

Music On Demand says:

ios 7.1.2 Jailbreak already done by pangu … anyway do you have repo for
nice themes??

Josh Sinclair says:

Colourkeyboard doesnt work on my iphone 5s plz help

Taylor Craig says:


xraytoad says:


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