Top 10 iOS 9 Cydia Tweaks – 9.0.2 PanGu Supported BEST Jailbreak Tweaks!

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Note that your device must be jailbroken, before any of these tweaks can be used.

Top 10 iOS 9 Tweaks:

1. Aeternum Hives – groups icons into “hives”
2. JiggleMode – allows you to customize how your device is placed into “jiggle” mode
3. Slide2Kill 9 – lets you close all apps, at once
4. LockBeam – provides an easy way to turn on the flashlight, from a locked screen
5. Tactful – 3D touch support
6. Ghosty – when using 3D touch, prevents icons in the background from being blurred (faded and transparent, instead)
7. Pegasus – picture-in-picture app
8. SwitcherTweak Pro – customizes task switching
9. Unicode Faces – provides various faces, composed of unicode characters
10. BrowserTabs – provides a quick and easy way to switch between tabs

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